Julius Franklin ABERNETHY


AGE25 yo
JOB before ENLISTEMENTManagers and officialsNC
DATE of ENLISTEMENT6 january 1942
BATTALION1st Battalion
REGIMENT116th Infantry Regiment
DIVISION29th Infantry Division
DATE OF DEATH 22 june1944abernethy julius tombe
PLACE OF DEATHIn the hamlet of Dufayel in Saint-André de l'Epine
DONNEE de PLANItinerary of Sergeant Abernethy

Plan du Normandy American Cemetery

Purple HeartPhoto FDLM
us army div 29  116ri

Julius joined the US Army at the beginning of 1942 and joined the infantry. He joined the 116th Infantry Regiment and the 29th Division in March 1942 in Fort Meade, Maryland. For several months intense training to make these men soldiers will take place between Camp Hill in Virginia, Camp Blanding in Florida and Camp Kilmer in New Jersey.

The 29th Division left the U.S.A. on 26 September 1942 aboard the Queen Mary for Europe. They landed in Scotland on 5 October 1942.

After a short stay in Scotland the division moved to the south of England in May 1943 in Slapton Sands or various training and putting into landings situations are carried out in association with another veteran division already fighting the 1st Infantry Division "Big Red One", , the site with features similar to the ultimate goal for the unknown moment of the troops.

1944, the final preparation for Operation Overlord ends.

The objective is unveiled: Omaha Beach Normandy.

The 116th will be the spearhead of the 29th Division during the assault of this beach. On May 31 the entire division is boarded and leaves on board ships heading to the O-force gathering area for Omaha.

After a first return following the report of the D-DAY, the ships definitely left their ports on June 5th to reach Area Z.

After a chaotic and difficult crossing for the soldiers, the ships anchored off the French coasts Early June 6 out of reach of German artillery. Julius and the first battalion is aboard the Empire JAVELIN ship of the Royal Navy.

abernethy bateauClick on the photo

Company B is scheduled for the second assault wave at 07:00. It is scheduled on the Dog Green area.

The barge of Julius as well as the other five of the company will arrive scattered overflowing Dog Green on each hand. Julius leaves the barge and finds himself face to face with the murderous deluge. He discovers a terrible sight, company A is almost annihilated, on the beach it is chaos.

Around 8:30, elements of company B took place on the plateau. Then it is the advance towards Vierville. On the 8th of June the 1st Battalion rounded Grandcamp and proceeded to Isigny.

On June 9, the entire area between Omaha and Isigny was in the hands of the Americans.

The 116th went into reserve. On 12 June, the 116th is hired to pass the She. In spite of a strong German resistance, the 116th passes the l'Elle and progresses of 2kms in the interior.

On the 13th of June the operation was renewed, and the battalion advanced on Saint-Clair-sur-Elle. The first battalion of Julius is at Couvains commune less than 8kms from Saint-Lô. Between this day and June 16, the men will bury and patrol before relaunching the offensive on Saint-Lô.

On the 17th of June, the 1st Battalion departed from Couvains to the south; The advance is slow, and in the early afternoon it undergoes violent attacks. The battalion is stopped one kilometer north of Saint-André de l'Epine. Julius and the first battalion are in the hamlet of Dufayel until June 29th.

Julius died June 22 certainly in this sector.

INFORMATION SOURCEBruno Cadeville - Aad.archives.gov
PICTURE SOURCEBruno Cadeville - Monty Mc Daniel - Frédéric LAVERNHE - Omahabeach.vierville.free.fr
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