anderson bernard a
AGE22 yo
FONCTIONRadio operator
DATE of ENLISTEMENT19 décember 1941
42-37890 BI-R
"Big Friend - Rovin Ramona II"
(registered bomber)
MACR 4169
Mission: V1 Launch Ramp
Take-off: station 153, Framlingham, Suffolk UK
Shot down by flak at 6:57 p.m. - flight explosion
Tail Letter 568th bs 
SQUADRON568th Bomber Squadron
GROUP390th Bomber Group Heavy
ARMY8th US Air Force
DATE OF DEATH20 april 1944anderson bernard tombe

CEMETERY from Cherbourg

le 24 april 1944


le 15 february 1945



Plan du Normandy American Cemetery

Photo FDLM
8AIRFORCE 390BG 1 390BG 568bs 568bs 1

Bernard is a native of New York County, before his commitment, he did 4 years of high school, then worked as a laborer in a company's metal products.

Bernard is committed in December 1941 and joined the US Army Air Corps. It goes through Sioux City Air Base where he follows his radio operator training. He left the United States for the old continent and England early 1944. He joined the US Air Force station Framlingham in Suffolk where stationed the 390th Bomber Group of the 8th Air Force B-17 compound. It is formed on this device commonly called "flying fortress".

Station 153 Baraquements Station 153 Framlingham Station 153 Salle cartes Station 153 tour de controle Station 153 vols B 17
barracks View Chart Room Control of Tour Passage of B 17

April 20, 1944, a major operation coded 309 is launched by the 8th US Air Force, it covers the areas of Pas-de-Calais, the Somme and the Channel. The B-17 "Big Friend" Bernard took off from Framlingham station 153 AAF with 10 crew members for its 33rd mission.

The training consists of 21 bombers into three small groups of seven aircraft (Lead Squadron, Low Squadron and High Squadron), its flight arrangement is as follows: The Lead steals the middle, the High flies above, behind and on the right of Lead; the Low flying underneath, behind and to the left of Lead.

Feuille de route 20 avri 44 390th bg Formation type vol B 17 Plan formation 8 mai 44 positionnement B 17 42 37890 Organigramme 8th Air Force

Roadmap of 20 April 1944
the 390th BG

Training of B 17 flight Training plan

Organizational chart
of the 8th Air Force

Manche Cotentin and in particular, the mission is to attack the V-1 bases.

The 390th Bomb Group's mission is to bomb the site Glacerie referred to the operation "Noball XI / A / 26 (a)."

Formation flying fortresses are fixed on the goal but the unexpected will arise, the mist. This ground compromising leaders referred to the approach. In the Low Squadron leader is hampered by fog at first and then hit by flak in a second step, these two factors are referred to lose bomber triggers the release despite the blindness of it; six other equipment of Low Squadron did not know the leader of the difficulties fièrent thereto to perform the mission; Flak but also affects many bombers training whose B-17 42-37890

Bernard, he received a direct hit and was hit in the back of the cockpit; an engine and a wing are on fire; he leaves the training and spades to explode in flight leaving no chance to the crew, it's 6:57 p.m.. But a miracle will occur, the gunner of the dorsal turret expelled by the explosion happen to open his parachute during its fall and will be captured when he arrived on the ground. It will be the only survivor, it is the S/Sgt Jesse Roberts.

The people of Brix witnesses to the tragedy will claim to have seen debris fell on the hamlets of Ectot, the Brix mare and a significant number in Genetel.

The body of Bernard will be found by two young boys, without a parachute ...


The new body will be buried on April 24 at the cemetery in Cherbourg. Bernard will be buried in the tomb number 96 in this cemetery. His body was exhumed 15 February 1945 and transferred to the cemetery Blosville with his eight brothers in arms. Of the nine bodies, four of them including the Bernard will then definitively buried in the cemetery of Colleville, the five other returnees to U.S.A .

All four engines of Low Squadron have been affected during this mission. When photographic analysis of the post-task one could see that the result was not at the rendezvous, several impacts were 550 meters northwest of the objective, that of the High Squadron at 1600m northwest in a village ... the village Glacerie. A dramatic toll, apart from extensive damage, sixteen people, including ten children will die during the bombardment. Impacts of Low Squadron training will be located 5.5 km southwest of the goal! but this time it's on the hamlet of Cross Park as bombs fall causing the destruction of homes and the death of ten civilians. Terrible human tragedies of the price to defeat the Nazi yoke and thus free the continent.

Bernard was on his first mission.

But the story does not end there, one of the two boys who had found the body of Bernard and who was then aged 11 managed to read his nameplate before the arrival of German day crash and remained in his memory the name of this hero. 60 years later he can bring the brother of Bernard on the exact place of his death.

B-17 Fortress - type G-15-DL - s/n 42-37890 BI*R
"Big Friend / Rovin'Ramona II"

1st Lieutenant Richard Lee MANN Pilot Died- Cim Am Colleville-sur-Mer (14) mann richard tombe
2nd Lieutenant John E VAUGHAN CoPilot Died
2nd Lieutenant Mc Kinnon CAMERON Bomber Died- Cim Am Colleville-sur-Mer (14) cameron mckinnon tombe
Caporal Bernard A ANDERSON Radio Died- Cim Am Colleville-sur-Mer (14) anderson bernard tombe
Tech/Sergeant Jesse W ROBERTS Gunner Prisonner - Stalag 17B Braunau Gneikendorf
Staff/Sergeant Raymond ZUCCO Gunner Died
Staff/Sergeant Mark I OVERSTREET Gunner Died
Staff/Sergeant Walter E HERMENAU Gunner Died
Tech/Sergeant Robert T WEDEMEYER Gunner Died
Privat First Class Walter J KWOKA Navigator Died- Cim Am Colleville-sur-Mer (14) kwoka walter tombe
equipage 42 37890
b 17


Monument Brix

Monument in memory of the crew of a B17 bomber of the 568th Bomber Squadron, 390th Bombardment Group of the 8th Air Force.

Brix Mémorial 1Brix Mémorial

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