Bruce E BELL


NUMBER OF SERVICE0-12866062 (20505256)
AGE23 yo
ETATHardin County OHIO
RANKFirst Lieutenant
JOB BEFORE ENLISTEMENTSemiskilled mechanics and repairmen, motor vehiclesOH

15 ocotber 1940 Kenton OHIO

Garde National   garde national ohio

REGIMENT  508th Parachute Infantry Regiment
DIVISION  82nd Airborne Division
DATE OF DEATH6 june 1944bell bruce e tombe

Map of Normandy American Cemetery

Purple HeartPhoto FDLM
us army div 82 508pir 508pir



The origin of the 82nd back to World War I, at that time was the 82nd Infantry Division, composed with men from every state in America, where the meaning of double A’s badge , “All American“. The division was sent to France in 1917 and saw action in Lorraine, Meuse, Argonne then, during the offensive of St. Mihiel in 1918. The 82nd was demobilized 27 May 1919 on his return from the front and becomes June 24, 1921, a unit of the Army Reserve.

March 25, 1942, the 82nd DI is reactivated at Camp Claiborne, Louisiana under the command of Major General Omar N.Bradley. On 15 August the same year, she became the first American airborne division (82nd Airborne Division) headed by Major-General Matthew B.Ridgway. In October 1942, the new Airborne Division moved to Fort Bragg North Carolina and continued his training around the 504th and 505th PIR (Parachute Infantry Regiment) and the 325th GIR (Glider Infantry Regiment) who become the backbone of the 82nd AB.

In May 1943, the 82nd AB is the first and only airborne division to land by boat to Casablanca in Morocco before receding to the Tunisian border. In July 1943, the 82nd AB participated in the first airborne assault in military history of the United States, during the invasion of Sicily (Operation Husky). Back in Tunisia, the 82nd AB is preparing for his second combat operation that starts in September 1943 in Italy (Operation Avalanche). October 1st, the 505th PIR was the first infantry regiment to enter Naples. In December 1943, Colonel James M.Gavin was promoted Brigadier General and became commander of the 82nd AB.


In January 1944, the regiments of the 82nd AB remain in Italy (504th PIR, 376th PFAB, 307th AEB) in order to participate in the assault on Anzio (Operation Shingle), the remainder of the division joined the Northern Ireland. In mid-February 1944, the 82nd AB moved to Nottingham in England to take part in the night of 5 to 6 June 1944 to jump into Normandy in France (Operation Neptune) prelude to Operation Overlord. The 82nd AB is reinforced by two new regiments, the 507th PIR and the 508th, the 504th remaining in Italy. After 33 days of fighting, the 82nd AB returned to England, July 13, 1944.

General Gavin took command of the 82nd AB while General Ridgway became head of the XVIII Airborne Corps and became the commander of the 17th, 82nd and 101st AB

In mid-September 1944, the 82nd AB participated in the airborne assault on Holland (Operation Market-Garden) and November 13 will be raised by the Canadians after 56 days of fighting. The division moved near Reims in France as a backup. In December 1944, the Germans launched their last major offensive in the Ardennes, passing through Luxembourg and Belgium. This is the night of December 17, 1944 as the 82nd AB back on the road towards the Ardennes Forest to help out Allied forces. The winter will be announced the roughest and deadliest for the 82nd AB will be raised 19 February 1945 and returned to France in Sissonne.

March 30, 1945, the 82nd AB is headed in the Bonn region and of the Rhine river in Germany. May 4, 1945, a patrol comes into contact with the Russians after the surrender of Germany, becomes the 82nd AB occupation force in Berlin, or she will get the nickname “America’s Guard of Honor“.


  • Total battle casualties: 9,073
  • Killed in action: 1,619
  • Wounded in action: 6,560
  • Missing in action: 279
  • Prisoner of war: 615


medal of honor recipients

  • Pvt. John R. Towle
  • Pfc. Charles N. Deglopper
  • 1st Sgt. Leonard A. Funk, Jr.
  • Pvt. Joe Gandara 




  • Presidential Unit Citation (Army) for Sainte-Mère-Église.
  • Presidential Unit Citation (Army) for Operation Market Garden.
  • Presidential Unit Citation (Army) for Chiunzi Pass/Naples/Foggia awarded to the following units of the 82nd Airborne: 319th Glider Field Arty Bn,307th Engineer Bn (2nd), 80th Anti-aircraft Bn and Company H, 504 PIR
  • Valorous Unit Citation (Army) for Operation Iraqi Freedom (3rd Brigade Combat Team, OIF 1)
  • Meritorious Unit Commendation (Army) for SouthWest Asia.
  • French Croix de Guerre with Palm, World War II for Sainte-Mère-Église.
  • French Croix de Guerre with Palm, World War II for Cotentin.
  • French Croix de Guerre, World War II, Fourragère
  • Belgian Fourragere 1940
  • Cited in the Order of the Day of the Belgian Army for action in the Ardennes
  • Cited in the Order of the Day of the Belgian Army for action in Belgium And Germany.
  • Military William Order, for bravery and valiant service in battle at Nijmegen 1944 during Market Garden (worn as an Orange Lanyard) 8 October 1945.




Commanding General :

Major General Matthew B. Ridgway

div 82 

Assistant Commanding :

Brigadier General James Maurice Gavin

Assistant Commanding :

Brigadier General George P. Howell


Chief of staff :

Colonel Ralph P. Eaton (WIA 6 June)

Colonel Edson D. Raff (8-15 June)

Lt Col. Robert N. Wienecke (15 June - 11 July)



AC of S, G-1

Lt Col. Frederick M. Schellhammer


AC of S, G-2

Lt Col. Whitfield Jack

AC of S, G-3

Lt Col. Robert H. Wienecke

Lt Col. Walter F. Winton (15-19 June & 5-11 July)

Lt Col. Henry E. Adams (19 June-5 July)


AC of S, G-4

Lt Col. Bennie A. Zinn (WIA 7June)

Lt Col. Frank W. Moorman (From 7 June)


Inspector General :

Lt Col. Charles M. Barrett

Signal Officer :

Lt Col. Frank W. Moorman

Captain Robert E. Furman (From 7 June)

Adjutant General :

Lt Col. Raymond M. Britton

Judge Avocate :

Lt Col. Casimir D. Moss

Surgeon :

Lt Col. Wolcott L. Etienne (WIA 6 June)

Major William C. Lindstrom (From 6 June)

Finance Officer :

Lt Col. William E. Johnson

Chaplain :

Lt Col. George L. Riddle

Ordnance Officer :

Lt Col. Joshua A. Finkle (WIA 7 June)

Captain William B. McGuire (From 7 June)

Quartermaster Officer :

Lt Col. John N. Rohrman

Headquarters Commandant :

Major Don C. Faith

Provost Marshall :

Major Frederick G. McCollum

Special Service Officer :

Captain Rudrick R. Otto

Military Governement Officer :

Captain Peter Shouvaloff

Pathfinders Group :

Major Neal L. Roberts

505th Parachute Infantry Rgt :

Colonel William E. Ekman

RHQ Co :

Captain Talton "Woody" Long

1/505th :

Major Frederick C.A. Kellam (KIA 6 June)

Lt Col. Mark Alexander (From 7 June)

Second : Major James E. McGinity (KIA 6 June)

Hq Co :

Lt Robert D. Keeler

A Co :

1st/Lt John J. "Red Dog" Dolan

B Co :

Lt. James M. Irvin

C Co :

Captain Arthur Stephanich

2/505th :

Lt Col. Benjamin H. Vandervoort

Hq Co :

Lt. James Gray

D Co :

Captain Taylor G. Smith

E Co :

Captain Clyde Russell

F Co :

Captain Hubert Bass Lt. Joseph Holcomb (From 7 June)

3/505th :

Lt Col. Edward C. Krause

G Co :

Captain Robert Follmer (WIA 6 June) 1st/Lt. Ivan Woods

H Co :

Captain Walter C.DeLong

I Co :

Captain Harold H. Swingler

507th Parachute Infantry Rgt :

Colonel George V. Millet (POW 8 June)

Lt Col. Arthur A. Maloney (8-15 June)

Colonel Edson D. Raff (From 15 June)

1/507th :

Lt Col. Edwin J.Ostberg

A Co :

Captain J. R. Nunn

C Co :

Captain Sanford M. Frank

2/507th :

Lt Col. Charles Timmes

D Co :

Captain Clarence A. Tolle

E Co :

Captain Roy E. Creek

F Co :

Captain Paul F. Smith

3/507th :

Lt Col. Arthur A. Maloney

G Co :

Captain Floyd B. Schwarzwalder

I Co :

Captain Gordon S. Allyn

508th Parachute Infantry Rgt :

Colonel Roy E. Lindquist

1/508th :

Lt Col. Batcheller (KIA 6 June)

Major Shields Warren

Hq Co :

Captain Gerard A. Ruddy (KIA 6 June)

A Co :

Captain Jonathan E. Adams

B Co :

Captain Royal R. Taylor

C Co :

Captain Walter Silvers

2/508th :

Lt Col. Thomas J.B. Shanley

Hq Co :

Captain Chester E. Graham

3/508th :

Lt Col. Louis G. Mendez

Hq Co :

1st/Lt. Malcom D. Brannen

G Co :

Captain Frank J. Novak

H Co :

Captain Hillman C. Dress

325th Glider Infantry Rgt :

Colonel Harry L. Lewis

1/325th :

Lt Col. Klemm R. Boyd (Injured 7 June)

Major Teddy H. Sanford (From 7 June)

Hq Co :

Captain Alex Bishop (KIA 9 June)

A Co :

1st/Lt. James Gayley (KIA 7 June)

1st/Lt. Wilbur Heckman (From 7 June)

B Co :

Captain Richard M. Gibson

C Co :

Captain Dave E. Stokley (WIA 9 June)

1st/Lt. Wayne Pierce (From 9 June)

2/325th :

Lt. Col. John H. "Swede" Swenson (WIA 11 June)

Major Osmond Leahy (11-14 June)

Major Roscoe Roy (From 14 June - KIA 15 June)

Major Charles "Tad" Major (From 15 June)

Hq Co :

Capt. Herbert Slaughter

E Co :

Capt. Robert Dickerson (WIA 11 June)

1st/Lt. John Pardue (From 11 June - KIA 11 June)

1st/Lt. Frederick R. Jones (From 11 June)

F Co :

1st/Lt Joe B. Gault

G Co :

Captain Irvin Bloom (KIA 11 June)

1st/Lt. George M. Cockle (From 11 June)

3/325th (2/401st) :

Lt Col. Charles A. Carrell (Relieved 9 June)

Major Arthur W. Gardner (From 9 June - KIA 14 June)

Major Osmond Leahy (From 14 June)

Hq Co :

Capt. Lewis S. Mentlik (KIA 14 June)

Capt. James Fogle (From 14 June)

I Co (E-401) :

Major Charles Murphy (WIA 9 June)

1st/Lt. James White (From 9 June)

K Co (F-401) :

Captain James M. Harney

L Co (G-401) :

Captain John B. Sauls (WIA 9 June)

Lt Thomas E. Goodson



82nd Airborne Div. Artillery :

Colonel Francis A. March

319th Glider FA Bton :

Lt Col. C. James C. Todd

320th Glider FA Bton :

Lt Col. Paul E. Wright

376th Parachute FA Bton :

Lt Col. Wilbur N. Griffith

456th Parachute FA Bton :

Lt Col. Wagner J. d'Alessio

80th Airborne AA Bton :

Lt Col. Raymond E. Singleton

A Btry :

Captain Norman Nelson

B Btry :

Captain Nock Russell

C Btry :

Captain William Pratt

D Btry :

Captain Norman Connell

E Btry :

Captain James Sherman

F Btry :

Captain Choice Rucker

307th Airborne Engineer Bton :

Lt Col. Robert S. Palmer (POW 6 June)

Major Edwin A. Bedell (From 8 June)

B Co :

Captain William Connally

307th Airborne Medical Co :

Major William H. Houston (KIA 6 June)

Major Jerry J. Belden (From 6 June)

407th Airborne Quartermaster Co :

Captain Samuel H. Mays

782nd Airborne Ordnance Main. Co :

Captain Jeff Davis, Jr

82nd Airborne Headquarters Co :

Captain George J. Claussen

82nd Airborne Signal Co :

1st/Lt Robert B. Nerf

82nd Airborne Reco Platoon :

1st/Lt Joseph V. Demasi

82nd Airborne Military Police :

Major Frederick G. McCollum

82nd Parachute Maintenance Co :

Captain James E. Griffin


PROGRAMMERFrédéric & Renaud