Gordon W DIXON


dixon gordon w
AGE23 yo
DATE OF BIRTH12 october 1921
FAMILYMarried: Dorothy L DIXON, Jackson, MISSOURI
RANKSecond Lieutenant
SQUADRON322nd Bomb Squadron
GROUP91st Bomb Group Heavy
ARMY8th Air Force
DATE OF DEATH1 august 1944dixon gordon w tombe
PLACE OF DEATHTown of Amilly - 6 km from Chartres
DATA PLANB-17 Fortress - type G-35-VE - s/n 42-97879 LG*E
Macr: 7807
Mission: Chartres (28): German airfield bombing
Take-Off: Station 121 Bassingbourn, Cambridgeshire UK
Direct hit of flak at 14h53 - Flight Explosion 1500 feet

Plan du Normandy American Cemetery

Purple HeartPhoto FDLM


usaf 8air force 91bg 322bs




On 1 August 1944, 1014 and 397 four-engine escort fighters of the 8th US Air Force took off from England.

Initially, the city of Berlin was the main target of the day. However, due to extremely cloudy sky that could compromise the mission, the US command decided to change the targets. Chartres, Chartres and Orleans are now among the priority targets of the bombers.

The attack in the city of Chartres will be done in three stages, the first wave consisting of 58 "Flying Fortress" B-17 that target airfield Chartres while 36 others are to attack the bridges to cross the city.

Around noon, a first wave of bombers took off from England with the aim of bombing Chartres.

At 2:45 p.m., this first training bombers arrive at Chartres by the West to destroy the airfield. These bombers, are those of the 322nd Bomber Squadron of 91st Bomber Group which took off from the field Bassingbourn between London and Cambridge.

Chartres German DCA is moderate but precise and has hit a first B-17.

The B17 (Nr 42-97879) belonging to the 322nd Bomber Squadron of the 91st Bomber Group is led by 2nd Lt. Arthur L. STEVENS.

The bomber crashed immediately to the west of Chartres. According to testimony given by other members of the training, the unit was hit by shells between the cockpit and the bomb bay, and to the left wing.

The device then engaged in a spin with two engines on fire. Of the five men who manage to jump, only opened his parachute. The four remained stuck in the burning aircraft.

To 1,500 feet, flying fortress, probably still responsible for bombs explode in the air and scattered debris over a large area.

The lucky man who saves his life is Sergeant Laurence E. DOYLE, rear gunner but was captured by the Germans.

minnick thomas stele
Crew monument in memory
minnick thomas 4

B-17 Fortress - type G-35-VE - s/n 42-97879 LG*E

2nd Lieutenant Arthur L STEVENS Pilot Dead - Arlington Cem. Virginia
2nd Lieutenant Gordon W DIXON CoPilot Dead - Cim Am Colleville-sur-Mer
2nd Lieutenant Thomas J SCHEURELL Navigator Dead
T/Sergeant Thomas J III MINNICK Bomber Dead - Cim Am Colleville-sur-Mer
S/Sergeant Gordon E CARRELL Radio operator Dead - Arlington Cem. Virginia
T/Sergeant Elred W BASKIN Gunner Dead - Arlington Cem. Virginia
S/Sergeant John LESZKOWICZ Gunner Dead - Arlington Cem. Virginia
Sergeant Paul B TALIAFERRO Gunner Dead - Arlington Cem. Virginia
Sergeant Laurence E DOYLE Gunner Prisoner

42 97879 carcasse du B17

Carcass of the B-17 Nr 42-97879 (crew of Lt STEVENS) fallen to the East of Chartres the 1st August 1944

 91bg a

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