Raymond C HOWARD


howard raymond
ARMY SERIAL NUMBERO-740429 (18007512)
AGE22 yo
RANK2nd Lieutenant
JOB before ENLISTEMENTSalespersonsTX
DATE of ENLISTEMENT22 november 1940 Dallas TEXAS
SQUADRON71st Troop Carrier Squadron
GROUP434th Troop Carrier Group
ARMY9th Air Force
DATE OF DEATH6 june 1944howard raymond c tombe
PLACE OF DEATHMarsh of the merderet
DATA PLANDouglas C-47 - type A-80-DL - s/n 43-15101 CJ*S
C 47 douglas
Macr: 5658
Mission: #27 - Chicago - Towing CG4-A Waco - LZ-W
Takeoff: station 467 Aldermaston, BERKSHIRE
Shots by flak 03h55
The C47 will land and spit into the Marshes of Merderet.

43 15101 queue


Map Normandy American Cemetery

Purple HeartPhoto FDLM
Air MedalPhoto FDLM
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howard raymond c

Tail Number: 315101 is for aircraft registration 43-15101. If was a C-47A-DL, built at Long Beach, Daugherty Field, California in 1943. Aircraft registries list it as "Destroyed, June 6, 1944".

Note the "S" on the tail that indicates the radio Call Sign of the plane within the squadron which flew as 3 V's of V's, i.e.,3 aircraft times 9 V's totaling 27.

"S" would be the 19th aircraft in the squadron.

Patrick Elie (www.6juin.com) wrote after seeing the earlier post of this page and said, "43-151012 was Lt. Raymond C. Howard's plane.

They crash-landed during mission Chicago. P and CP were killed (not during the crash-landing but after).. P by Germans and CP by P-47 strafing on POW convoy) RO and CC were POW.

The plane crash landed near the road between Chef du Pont and Pont l'Abbé, south side, in front of Rue de Prusse."

43 15101 fuselage
43 15101 01

Rebirth: For reasons unknown, aircraft 42-93251 (French civil registry F-BAXG) was restored and was painted as 43-15101.

It is currently on static display at La Ferte-Alais Airport south of Paris

Crew of Douglas C-47 - type A-80-DL - s/n 43-15101 CJ*S

2nd Lieutenant Raymond C HOWARD Pilot Dead - Cim Am Colleville-sur-Mer - Would have been killed by the German soldiers a few minutes after the crash-landing
2nd Lieutenant Eston C KUHN CoPilot Dead - Cim Brit Am St-James - Would have been killed on 7 June 44 during the strafing of the evacuation convoy by a P-47
Sgt John W BECKLEY Mechanic Prisoner - Stalag Luft 4 Gross-Tychow
S/Sgt Marvin C BOETCHER Radio Prisoner - Stalag Luft 4 Gross-Tychow
C47 douglas

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