kalie john
AGE23 yo
DATE OF BIRTH6 July 1921
ETATMonnessen, Westmoreland County PENNSYLVANIA
FAMILYParents: Vasil & Barbara KALIE
RANKFirst Lieutenant
JOB BEFORE ENLISTEMENTSemiskilled occupations in mechanical treatment of metalsPA
 SQUADRON758th Bomber Squadron
 GROUP459th Bomber Group, Heavy
ARMY15th US Air Force
DATE OF DEATHJuly 24, 1944--
PLACE OF DEATHEtang de Vaccarès - South of Arles

B-24 Liberator - type H-20-FO - s/n 42-94935


Macr: 7029

Mission: Chanoines aerodrome - region of Istres (13)

Take off Giulia (Italie)

Shot by the flak (88mm direct hit in the bomb bay)

Partially evacuated aircraft (3) in parachute (too short time before the crash or unopened parachutes) - 12:08


Map of Normandy American Cemetery

Wall of Missing

Air Medal with 2 Oak Leaf Clusters

Purple Heart

World War II Victory Medal


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victory medal

usaf 15af 459bgh 758bs
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1st Lieutenant John KALIE, born to Vasil and Barbara Kalie of Monessen, Pennsylvania in 1922.

John enlisted in the Army at Pittsburgh, July 4th, 1942 and headed to Europe where he became a Pilot flying B22 Bombardiers with the AAF, 459th Bombardment Group (Heavy), 758th Bombardment Squadron.

John was piloting his plane and crew on a mission to bombard the Les Chapoine Airfield, a German Fighter airfield near Marseilles, France. While en route in the 9 position, his plane came under enemy fighter attack. As described by Robert C. Gaylor, Staff Sergeant, Air Corps flying adjacent to John's aircraft with Captain Hill, John's aircraft demonstrated trouble as John was trying to salvoed, his bombs, perhaps due to the attack but still managed to follow Hill's aircraft over the target. As they came off the target they were met with heavy and accurate flak, one hit out front of the ball turret of John's aircraft, instantly causing flames to spurt out of the bomb bay. John's aircraft went into a steep glide as one man came out and the parachute opened, and 4 others came out and they did not open. SSgt Gaylor describes the plane not crashing but bursting into flames and exploding into pieces.

According to SSgt Edwin Humes Thomas, a survivor, remembers a hit to the bomb-bay by a 88mm AA shell, cutting fuel lines and control cables putting the aircraft into a uncontrollable condition and put the plane into a steep glide. Edwin witnessed two leaving the aircraft, Simmons and Ashford who he saw again but seriously injured. The other members of the crew, Cadd, Campbell, Miller, DeJongh, Buccini and 1st Lt. John Kalie perished in their flight positions.
(bio by: Michael V Drachman)

John's body was never recovered and he is listed on the Tablets of the Missing at the Normandy American Cemetery, Find A Grave Memorial# 56646212


Crew of B-24 Liberator - type H-20-FO - s/n 42-94935


1st Lieutenant John  KALIE Pilot Dead MIA - Tablets Cim Am Colleville-sur-Mer O-696376 - AM+2 - Indiana USA
2nd Lieutenant Quentin E  CADD CoPilot Dead Cim Am Rhône Draguignan O-820152 - AM+2 - Columbus, Ohio USA
2nd Lieutenant Richard Mac SIMMONS Bomber Prisoner   O-698609 - Né le 14/11/1921 - Jamestown, New York USA - Camp inconnu
T/Sergeant Willard A CAMPBELL Mechanic/Gunner Dead Cim Am Ardennes Neupre (Belg) 37508716 - AM+3 PH - Independence, Missouri USA
S/Sergeant Osborn D ASHFORD Mechanic/Gunner Prisoner   37351661 - Stafford, Kansas USA - Grièvement brûlé - Hospitalisé à Paris -
S/Sergeant Bernard MILLER Radio/Gunner Dead   31301251 - Chelsea, Massachusetts USA
S/Sergeant Robert R  DE JONGH Gunner Dead MIA - Tablets Cim Am Colleville-sur-Mer 12153857 - AM+2 PH - Jamnice, New York USA
S/Sergeant Edwin Humes THOMAS Gunner Prisoner   33600100 - Tucson, Arizona USA - Stalag Luft 4 Gross-Tychow
S/Sergeant Anthony G BUCCINI Gunner Dead Cim Am Ardennes Neupre (Belg) 32807466 - AM+2 - Boston, Massachusetts USA

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