William Alger Jr SHAW


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AGE22 yo
DATE OF BIRTH21 April 1922
ETATWashoe County NEVADA
FAMILYParent: Willaim A & Ruth L SHAW
DETACHMENTMedical Detachment
REGIMENT262th Infantry Regiment
DIVISION66th Infantry Division
DATE OF DEATH24 December 1944shaw william tombe
PLACE OF DEATHAboard in USS Léopoldville, In Manche(Channel), off Cherbourg
CEMETERYNORMANDY AMERICAN CEMETERY from Colleville Map Normandy American Cemetery
Wall of Missing
Purple HeartPhoto FDLM
Combat Infantryman combat infantryman badge
us army div 66 262ir

William is the eldest of 3 children.

William's family lived in Elko, Nevada.

His father was a doctor.

He joined the Army in March 1942 as a doctor.


In his last letter, sent on December 14, 1944, he wrote:

«As far as I'm concerned, I don't know what Christmas will be or where I will be...»

Lettre de William
Message written before he left.

He and his father loved to go camp so as to go hunting and fishing at Tahoe Lake.

When William was ten, the Shaws moved to New York, on Staten Island.

Then they moved to Europe going through Hungary, Spain and Vienna.

After the 1929 stock market crash, the Shaws get back to the Untited States, they had lost all their savings

Back in Reno, William's father opens a hospital.

At the university, William studies embryology, bacteriology and psychopathology.

William went by Camp Rucker before he left for England.

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The Shaws received the telegram announcing William death in March 1945.

Every year, for Christmas his mother used to decorate a Christmas tree honoring her son William.

When his mother died, his brother took over the decoration of a Christmas tree in remembrance of his brother William.

Now, his niece, Sally Lobkowicz, has taken over by decorating a Christmas tree outside his house honoring William.

Photo de Noel

Arrived on November 26th, 1944 in England, the division polishes up its training until December 24th

In the daytime of the departure and the crossing towards France and Normandy.

The division embarks on two ships of which the SS Leopoldville which receives 262th and 264th regiment Infantry and leaves Southampton in training(formation) accompanied with four escort ships.

Arrived unless 5 miles from Cherbourg, a German submarine U-Boat 486 is in ambush and sends a torpedo to the ship.

He is touched on the starboard beam before.

802 soldiers over the 2235 which he(it) transported are killed in this drama.

Leopoldville is marine cemetery today.

memorial plaqueSee History of Leopoldville (Click on the picture)

INFORMATION SOURCEClive TIRLEMONT - Leopoldville.org - Aad.archives.gov
PICTURE SOURCEFrédéric LAVERNHE - Leopoldville.org
PROGRAMMERFrédéric & Renaud