You will find below the list of the soldiers buried in the cemetery of Drgauignan, died during the Second World War.

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Name Surname Rank Military Id Army State
Adams Robert H. Sergeant 34065012 U.S. Army Georgia
Adams Silas E. Second Lieutenant O-674436 U.S. Army Air Forces Washington
Adkins Pleasant O. Private 15116002 U.S. Army West Virginia
Adkins Roy L. Sergeant 38284353 U.S. Army Air Forces Texas
Agee Loyd   Technical Sergeant 39691490 U.S. Army Air Forces California
Agee Wayne W. Second Lieutenant O-769369 U.S. Army Air Forces California
Agnew Wayne B. Private First Class 37191857 U.S. Army Iowa
Alaimo Salvatore D. Staff Sergeant 32421216 U.S. Army Air Forces New York
Aldridge Woodrow R. Private 36647970 U.S. Army Illinois
Alfano Edward J. Staff Sergeant 39326639 U.S. Army Air Forces Washington
Allen Alton L. Private 33604812 U.S. Army Pennsylvania
Allen Glenn H. Flight Officer T-60478 U.S. Army Air Forces South Dakota
Allyn Vernon O. Merchant Seaman Z-463342 U.S. Merchant Marine Indiana
Altmeyer George L. Staff Sergeant 34402220 U.S. Army Air Forces Pennsylvania
Amann Alfred A. First Lieutenant O-812529 U.S. Army Air Forces New York
Anderson Elmer J. Private 33785047 U.S. Army Pennsylvania
Anderson Lloyd L. Second Lieutenant O-716315 U.S. Army Air Forces New York
Anderson Robert E. Staff Sergeant 12152648 U.S. Army Air Forces New York
Andrews Alexander W. Staff Sergeant 32955399 U.S. Army Air Forces New Jersey
Antolovich James J. Private First Class 33431212 U.S. Army Pennsylvania
Antonik Edward J. Second Lieutenant O-749953 U.S. Army Air Forces Pennsylvania
Apffel Donald H. Staff Sergeant 20808611 U.S. Army Texas
Apperson John N. Major O-301346 U.S. Army Virginia
Armstrong Laurence T. Second Lieutenant O-683890 U.S. Army Air Forces Minnesota
Arning Eugene   First Lieutenant O-678516 U.S. Army Air Forces Texas
Arnold Thompson   Technician Fifth Grade 34909274 U.S. Army Georgia
Arnold William N. Merchant Seaman 24894 U.S. Merchant Marine Florida
Arrington James   Technician Fifth Grade 34462892 U.S. Army North Carolina
Arsenault George C. Sergeant 31398687 U.S. Army Maine
Attebery Edgar R. Sergeant 39206910 U.S. Army Washington
Austin Ray F. Corporal 6986022 U.S. Army Kentucky
Avery Leonard J. Private 36041429 U.S. Army Illinois
Baggett Al D. Private 38390691 U.S. Army Louisiana
Bailardo John   Private 36831774 U.S. Army Illinois
Bailey Frank M. Private 35918335 U.S. Army Ohio
Baker Ralph T. Second Lieutenant O-750312 U.S. Army Air Forces Arkansas
Balfanz Gerald E. Staff Sergeant 36205305 U.S. Army Wisconsin
Banerdt John V. Private First Class 36836852 U.S. Army Wisconsin
Bangert Ralph W. Radarman Third Class 8579723 U.S. Navy Ohio
Banks Zeb M. Technician Fourth Grade 34253710 U.S. Army North Carolina
Barbeau Melvin E. Private 37610564 U.S. Army Missouri
Barnabe Camille A. Sergeant 31180387 U.S. Army Rhode Island
Barnes William J. First Lieutenant O-813911 U.S. Army Air Forces New Jersey
Barnett Samuel L. Technical Sergeant 18046499 U.S. Army Air Forces Kansas
Barone Louis A. Private 31369122 U.S. Army Massachusetts
Barr Francis L. Second Lieutenant O-688501 U.S. Army Air Forces Pennsylvania
Barrett Earl   Private 36510585 U.S. Army Michigan
Barringer Frank   Private 33591818 U.S. Army Pennsylvania
Barsby Laurence W. Sergeant 20244884 U.S. Army New Jersey
Bartelson John L. Private 31385400 U.S. Army Rhode Island
Bartos John J. Staff Sergeant 33620083 U.S. Army Pennsylvania
Bartow Clifford H. Technician Fourth Grade 32894159 U.S. Army New York
Bateman William W. Second Lieutenant O-705525 U.S. Army Air Forces North Carolina
Battistone Terondino   Technical Sergeant 35632239 U.S. Army Air Forces Ohio
Batts Robert J. Staff Sergeant 14012597 U.S. Army North Carolina
Batz Robert V. First Lieutenant O-680155 U.S. Army Air Forces California
Baum Paul F. Second Lieutenant O-685420 U.S. Army Air Forces Ohio
Beach Welton C. Captain O-576844 U.S. Army Air Forces New York
Beal Edwin   Private 31041602 U.S. Army Maine
Beatty Jack L. Staff Sergeant 13059235 U.S. Army Air Forces Pennsylvania
Beaver Carl F. Sergeant 15018061 U.S. Army Air Forces Ohio
Beaver Homer C. Sergeant 35217469 U.S. Army Ohio
Beck Clarence A. Technical Sergeant 34257683 U.S. Army Air Forces North Carolina
Beckner Eugene   Technician Fourth Grade 37300492 U.S. Army Minnesota
Bednarz Richard B. Private 18104461 U.S. Army Texas
Begue Arthur C. Private 20432612 U.S. Army Louisiana
Bell Lucious   Private 34007009 U.S. Army Florida
Belton Hilton   Staff Sergeant 38163998 U.S. Army Texas
Benedict John D. First Lieutenant O-1172752 U.S. Army Pennsylvania
Bennett Paul A. Sergeant 36568098 U.S. Army Michigan
Bennett William R. Private First Class 36743775 U.S. Army Michigan
Benter William C. Private 42039514 U.S. Army New York
Bergeman Clarence   Private First Class 36735915 U.S. Army Illinois
Berkowitz Seymour   Staff Sergeant 32493559 U.S. Army Air Forces New York
Bianchi Emilio P. Private First Class 31206232 U.S. Army Massachusetts
Billings George G. Private First Class 35659899 U.S. Army West Virginia
Billman Lewis R. Technician Fifth Grade 35392487 U.S. Army Ohio
Bills Charles R. Private First Class 38513153 U.S. Army Texas
Bingham Rutherfurd G. First Lieutenant O-724375 U.S. Army Air Forces Massachusetts
Bishop John L. First Lieutenant O-885276 U.S. Army Air Forces Massachusetts
Bisson Raymond   Technician Fifth Grade 31267655 U.S. Army New Hampshire
Blaikie William T. Private 39305874 U.S. Army Oregon
Blair Sidney H. Private First Class 44128952 U.S. Army Air Forces Georgia
Blalock Albert T. Merchant Seaman Z-772767 U.S. Merchant Marine North Carolina
Blanco Adolph J. Staff Sergeant 12168937 U.S. Army Air Forces New York
Blaszczak John A. Staff Sergeant 32747151 U.S. Army Air Forces New York
Bloyd David G. Private 15394397 U.S. Army West Virginia
Blustain Sidney   Lieutenant Junior Grade O-224286 U.S. Navy New York
Blyer Delmar W. Private First Class 35870261 U.S. Army Ohio
Boehm Richard   Corporal 37450781 U.S. Army Minnesota
Boehnke Elmer J. Staff Sergeant 37549911 U.S. Army Air Forces South Dakota
Boggs Ray H. Private First Class 33660362 U.S. Army Virginia
Bond Jerold R. Private First Class 37655204 U.S. Army Iowa
Bone Thomas B. Staff Sergeant 14043437 U.S. Army Air Forces Tennessee
Bonoyer Francis T. Staff Sergeant 31025499 U.S. Army Massachusetts
Born John H. Private 36041416 U.S. Army Illinois
Boston George   Private 34528231 U.S. Army Tennessee
Botha Benjamin B. Staff Sergeant 33420659 U.S. Army Air Forces Pennsylvania
Bourgoin Lucien J. First Sergeant 11087181 U.S. Army Massachusetts
Bouthillier Gerard J. Private 31445776 U.S. Army Rhode Island
Boutte Leo K. Private 34071187 U.S. Army Louisiana
Bowden Claudie R. Private First Class 34460361 U.S. Army North Carolina
Bowden Foster V. Private 39844505 U.S. Army California
Bowman Donald M. Technical Sergeant 16000339 U.S. Army Ohio
Bowman Ward O. Technical Sergeant 35034928 U.S. Army Air Forces Ohio
Boyles Grady J. Private First Class 34805230 U.S. Army Alabama
Bradford James C. Private 37066831 U.S. Army Arkansas
Brady Robert E. Private 33028122 U.S. Army Pennsylvania
Brandhorst Richard J. Private 15054574 U.S. Army Ohio
Braxton Claude   Private 38591381 U.S. Army Oklahoma
Breaux Oscar C. Private 6283143 U.S. Army Texas
Brennan Edward H. First Lieutenant O-752802 U.S. Army Air Forces Ohio
Brenzo Henry S. Technical Sergeant 32288464 U.S. Army Air Forces New York
Brewer Donald L. First Lieutenant O-746853 U.S. Army Air Forces Indiana
Brey John   Private First Class 37164557 U.S. Army Minnesota
Brinkley R. G. Sergeant 38400170 U.S. Army Oklahoma
Britton Homer H. Corporal 34044441 U.S. Army Tennessee
Brooks Henry D. Private First Class 38535316 U.S. Army Texas
Brooks William J. Second Lieutenant O679987 U.S. Army Air Forces Illinois
Brookshier Vivian F. Private First Class 37539693 U.S. Army Missouri
Brose Albert H. Sergeant 14078451 U.S. Army Air Forces Pennsylvania
Brown Alton M. Staff Sergeant 38338600 U.S. Army Air Forces Texas
Brown Aubrey J. C. Signalman Second Class 3378356 U.S. Navy Missouri
Brown Edward C. Technical Sergeant 34139203 U.S. Army Air Forces Mississippi
Brown Paul S. First Lieutenant O-814858 U.S. Army Air Forces New Hampshire
Brown Robert W. Private First Class 39134894 U.S. Army California
Brusek Frank A. Second Lieutenant O-792058 U.S. Army Air Forces Connecticut
Brusseau Clifford J. Private 36408955 U.S. Army Air Forces Michigan
Bryan Harold A. Motor Machinist's Mate First Class 6212908 U.S. Navy Iowa
Buczynski Theodore E. Private 33707174 U.S. Army Pennsylvania
Bugaisky Louis   Staff Sergeant 36718620 U.S. Army Air Forces Illinois
Buk William   Private First Class 33602311 U.S. Army Pennsylvania
Burke Melon J. Private 18062227 U.S. Army Texas
Burns Francis N. Private 31364556 U.S. Army Massachusetts
Burrhus James C. First Lieutenant O-689020 U.S. Army Air Forces New York
Busing Charles H. Staff Sergeant 12049584 U.S. Army Air Forces New York
Butler Ira J. Private 36060609 U.S. Army Illinois
Byers Acil V. Private First Class 36462646 U.S. Army Michigan
Cadd Quentin E. Second Lieutenant O-820152 U.S. Army Air Forces West Virginia
Cahill Francis A. Lieutenant O-112597 U.S. Navy Massachusetts
Calvari Joseph A. Private 12088509 U.S. Army New York
Camden Charles H. Private 35800377 U.S. Army Ohio
Campbell Frank J. Private 32147580 U.S. Army New Jersey
Campbell John J. Private 31308336 U.S. Army Massachusetts
Campbell Robert L. Staff Sergeant 37228603 U.S. Army Air Forces Nebraska
Campbell Saul   First Lieutenant O-671880 U.S. Army Air Forces Ohio
Campos Frank   Private First Class 39410050 U.S. Army California
Canady Kenneth E. Technical Sergeant 37212015 U.S. Army Air Forces New Mexico
Capon Bramwell F. Private First Class 39716004 U.S. Army California
Capps Dewey W. Private 14149285 U.S. Army North Carolina
Carlson Elmer J. Private 16024232 U.S. Army Wisconsin
Carollo Anthony J. Private 32775893 U.S. Army New Jersey
Carraway Simeon C. Private First Class 35206892 U.S. Army South Carolina
Carroll William A. Technician Fifth Grade 20244007 U.S. Army New Jersey
Carson Allen E. Staff Sergeant 33272839 U.S. Army Air Forces Pennsylvania
Carson Clarence E. Second Lieutenant O-824415 U.S. Army Air Forces Illinois
Carvalho Joseph   Private First Class 31371240 U.S. Army Massachusetts
Casper Selwyn S. Private First Class 37268744 U.S. Army Minnesota
Cassaniti Carmen A. Private 36879078 U.S. Army Michigan
Cassell Clement L. Ensign O-330120 U.S. Navy New York
Cassetta Henry   Private 33732133 U.S. Army Maryland
Cassidy Edwin H. Private First Class 31196154 U.S. Army Connecticut
Cates Frank H. Technician Fifth Grade 38038549 U.S. Army Texas
Celli Anthony S. Private First Class 12160585 U.S. Army New Jersey
Chambers Donnell R. Private 37622064 U.S. Army Missouri
Chappell John F. Private First Class 14068228 U.S. Army North Carolina
Charmo John   Private First Class 32348489 U.S. Army New York
Chelminiak Richard L. Sergeant 16144884 U.S. Army Air Forces Indiana
Chenkus Walter   Staff Sergeant 32078438 U.S. Army Air Forces New Jersey
Chilensky John   Second Lieutenant O1321154 U.S. Army Pennsylvania
Chin Wong A. Technician Fifth Grade 37512518 U.S. Army Missouri
Chofey Michael   Private First Class 33792335 U.S. Army Pennsylvania
Chryst Jasper B. Private First Class 36784465 U.S. Army Illinois
Ciner Henry A. Private First Class 33570902 U.S. Army Pennsylvania
Cinnamond Rea M. Second Lieutenant O-683966 U.S. Army Air Forces California
Clark John W. Private 19074696 U.S. Army Washington
Clark Leroy W. Technical Sergeant 18163347 U.S. Army Air Forces Oklahoma
Clark William A. Second Lieutenant O-763495 U.S. Army Air Forces Texas
Clark William E. Sergeant 32735934 U.S. Army New York
Claxton Lawrence L. Staff Sergeant 37413234 U.S. Army Air Forces Missouri
Coats Clair R. Sergeant 38326039 U.S. Army Oklahoma
Cobane William E. First Lieutenant O-735857 U.S. Army Air Forces Michigan
Cochrane George A. Private 35807536 U.S. Army Kentucky
Coffelt Ernest R. Private First Class 34734290 U.S. Army Georgia
Cole Donald C. Captain O-421049 U.S. Army Air Forces California
Coleman Joseph P. Sergeant 16038610 U.S. Army Air Forces Illinois
Coleman Seymour I. Private 12096930 U.S. Army New York
Colflesh John G. Sergeant 33584783 U.S. Army Pennsylvania
Collinson Thomas   Private 36561455 U.S. Army Michigan
Conley Harry J.       Vermont
Conway Fred M. Private 32681408 U.S. Army New York
Cook Arthur L. Technician Fourth Grade 36393423 U.S. Army Illinois
Cook Lyle C. Chief Warrant Officer W2105660 U.S. Army Iowa
Cooper Blonnie R. Staff Sergeant 36448388 U.S. Army Illinois
Copp Max   Staff Sergeant 17091970 U.S. Army Air Forces Colorado
Cordero Pedro J. Private 30403735 U.S. Army Puerto Rico
Cordova Antonio A. Private First Class 38010309 U.S. Army New Mexico
Cote Francis J. Private 32048152 U.S. Army New York
Cotter Desales R. Technician Fourth Grade 35827756 U.S. Army West Virginia
Cottrell James A. Private First Class 6583710 U.S. Army Florida
Coulthard Harold E. Staff Sergeant 36218196 U.S. Army Wisconsin
Cox Andrew   Steward's Mate First Class 6534491 U.S. Navy Pennsylvania
Cox George D. Corporal 34491400 U.S. Army Tennessee
Crandall Clinton G. Technician Fourth Grade 42023380 U.S. Army New York
Crandall Hugh B. Second Lieutenant O-762266 U.S. Army Air Forces Oregon
Crane Oakley H. Staff Sergeant 12138417 U.S. Army New York
Creagh John J. Second Lieutenant O1317971 U.S. Army Illinois
Creeden Daniel F. Motor Machinist's Mate Third Class 2026230 U.S. Navy Massachusetts
Creelman G. W. Private First Class 38132370 U.S. Army Texas
Creswell Ory E. Technical Sergeant 14181616 U.S. Army Air Forces Alabama
Crevelling Oscar F. Sergeant 32141270 U.S. Army New York
Crook Lyle W. First Lieutenant O-1286445 U.S. Army Iowa
Crowley William F. Private First Class 36358117 U.S. Army Illinois
Culbertson Walter E. Private 35897641 U.S. Army Indiana
Cull Grady   Private 34557620 U.S. Army Georgia
Cunningham William J. First Lieutenant O-793741 U.S. Army Air Forces New York
Curtis Robert   Private First Class 35871539 U.S. Army Kentucky
Custard Ernest G. Seaman First Class 9220072 U.S. Navy Pennsylvania
Dahlstrom Vernon H. Technician Fourth Grade 37095971 U.S. Army Minnesota
Daley Richard R. Private First Class 39860891 U.S. Army Arizona
Dalrymple Evan S. Technician Fourth Grade 37352034 U.S. Army New Mexico
Dandrew Winston F. Sergeant 32853196 U.S. Army Air Forces New York
Daniel G. B. Private First Class 38051394 U.S. Army Texas
Daniels Earl   Sergeant 20803540 U.S. Army Texas
Darbison Addison L. Corporal 38022636 U.S. Army Oklahoma
Dargie Richard V. First Lieutenant O-813135 U.S. Army Air Forces Massachusetts
Dauenhauer Arthur M. Sergeant 38197449 U.S. Army Air Forces Louisiana
Davenport Harry I. Private First Class 20112414 U.S. Army Massachusetts
David Bernard J. Sergeant 36852984 U.S. Army Michigan
David Robert B. Staff Sergeant 34054782 U.S. Army Florida
Davis Dewey W. Private 38563746 U.S. Army California
Davis George B. Private First Class 32994146 U.S. Army South Carolina
Davis Sammie   Private 34810327 U.S. Army Alabama
Davis Wilton E. Captain O-229062 U.S. Army Louisiana
Davison Robert E. Private 39312263 U.S. Army Oregon
Dawson Albert T. Technician Fifth Grade 35571441 U.S. Army Indiana
Day Henry E. Private First Class 18109777 U.S. Army Texas
De Ciero Roy   Staff Sergeant 39155786 U.S. Army California
De Graw Leo E. Staff Sergeant 32462686 U.S. Army Air Forces New Jersey
De Vore Jack   Second Lieutenant O-754478 U.S. Army Air Forces Georgia
De Woody Galen R. Corporal 18117993 U.S. Army Air Forces Texas
De Zenzo Joseph R. Private First Class 20221869 U.S. Army New Jersey
Decker John R. Private 35708919 U.S. Army Kentucky
Decoteau Minel A. Technician Fifth Grade 34078543 U.S. Army Louisiana
Deems Virgil   Private First Class 38023312 U.S. Army Oklahoma
Delsman Richard J. Second Lieutenant O-735284 U.S. Army Air Forces Oregon
Deming James W. Technician Fifth Grade 12216229 U.S. Army New York
Demyan John R. Staff Sergeant 32549888 U.S. Army Air Forces New York
Denny George H. Private First Class 34166952 U.S. Army Alabama
Devaney Thomas F. Ship's Cook Third Class 7094353 U.S. Navy New Jersey
Dey John   Private 32027271 U.S. Army New York
Di Carlo Salvatore   Private 32904721 U.S. Army New York
Di Giovanni Eugene   Staff Sergeant 32638997 U.S. Army Air Forces New York
Di Silvestri Isadore   Private First Class 32994772 U.S. Army New York
Dickerson Percy L. Private 32978621 U.S. Army New York
Dinsmore Robert S. Second Lieutenant O-798073 U.S. Army Air Forces Pennsylvania
Dodge George E. Technician Fifth Grade 11016721 U.S. Army Maine
Dodge Jerry E. Captain O-731839 U.S. Army Air Forces California
Dodson Robert L. First Lieutenant O-2055900 U.S. Army Texas
Dominski Alex J. Staff Sergeant 16020903 U.S. Army Air Forces Wisconsin
Doolin James T. Private First Class 33669248 U.S. Army Pennsylvania
Doolittle Corbin M. Technical Sergeant 12138213 U.S. Army Air Forces New York
Dorsa Anthony J. Staff Sergeant 20811348 U.S. Army Texas
Doshen Joe   Private First Class 33703095 U.S. Army Pennsylvania
Doyle John B. Second Lieutenant O756201 U.S. Army Air Forces Michigan
Drager Richard D. Staff Sergeant 12038098 U.S. Army Air Forces New Jersey
Driscoll John A. Private 31427473 U.S. Army Massachusetts
Dudienski Stanley J. Staff Sergeant 31324527 U.S. Army Connecticut
Duffy Bernard F. Private First Class 31064996 U.S. Army Rhode Island
Dunbar Vernon E. Private First Class 36227005 U.S. Army Wisconsin
Dunham William D. Staff Sergeant 34303305 U.S. Army Air Forces North Carolina
Dunleavy John J. Gunner's Mate Second Class 2444880 U.S. Navy Pennsylvania
Dunning Raymond   Sergeant 32835753 U.S. Army New York
Dupont Joseph H. Private 31296805 U.S. Army Massachusetts
Durham Harvey J. Private 34256800 U.S. Army North Carolina
Dyrcz Vincent S. Sergeant 36654728 U.S. Army Air Forces Illinois
Dyson James H. Corporal 11062901 U.S. Army Air Forces Massachusetts
Eaton Franklin C. Private First Class 31007051 U.S. Army Massachusetts
Eaton William H. Brigadier General O-906080 U.S. Army Air Forces New York
Eberhardt Paul E. Staff Sergeant 37124064 U.S. Army Air Forces South Dakota
Edgerly Joseph A. Private First Class 16097920 U.S. Army Massachusetts
Edin Eldon E. Private First Class 39576341 U.S. Army California
Edwards Charles H. Second Lieutenant O-719592 U.S. Army Air Forces Pennsylvania
Egloff Kenneth F. Private First Class 12016490 U.S. Army New York
Ehlke Harold C. First Lieutenant O-1313583 U.S. Army Wisconsin
Eisenberg Bernard   Second Lieutenant O1175108 U.S. Army California
Elam Hiland T. Staff Sergeant 35256237 U.S. Army Air Forces Kentucky
Ellis Blake R. Technician Fourth Grade 33181302 U.S. Army Maryland
Ellzey Yohn S. Staff Sergeant 38161659 U.S. Army Air Forces Texas
Emilio Orazio   Private 31187255 U.S. Army Massachusetts
Erlewine George E. Second Lieutenant O-691390 U.S. Army Air Forces Michigan
Estes James A. Captain O-430995 U.S. Army Air Forces Kentucky
Everett Jack   Staff Sergeant 20848692 U.S. Army Texas
Every Medwin C. Staff Sergeant 6906656 U.S. Army Air Forces New York
Ewell Hulett   Technician Fifth Grade 37082798 U.S. Army Missouri
Faflik Alfred A. Second Lieutenant O-720465 U.S. Army Air Forces Ohio
Falkowski John S. Private First Class 32468539 U.S. Army New Jersey
Farley Henry G. Technician Fourth Grade 32551598 U.S. Army New York
Farmer James M. Private First Class 35792266 U.S. Army Kentucky
Farrell Charles S. Private First Class 38434508 U.S. Army Texas
Farris Raymond D. Seaman First Class 3377056 U.S. Navy Missouri
Fawcett Richard S. First Lieutenant O-805801 U.S. Army Air Forces New York
Fearon Frank W. First Lieutenant O-741335 U.S. Army Air Forces California
Feeney James F. Corporal 31094370 U.S. Army Massachusetts
Ferrara John   Private 33671964 U.S. Army Pennsylvania
Fields James M. Private 35711546 U.S. Army Texas
Fields Warren B. Private 36566508 U.S. Army Michigan
Fik Stephen   Private 33696300 U.S. Army Pennsylvania
Finocchiaro Fred H. Corporal 33139369 U.S. Army Pennsylvania
Fisher Daniel A. Corporal 36810354 U.S. Army Wisconsin
Fitzgerald Francis J. Private First Class 42013264 U.S. Army New Jersey
Fletcher Mearle E. Private 36672925 U.S. Army Illinois
Flint Shirley D. Private First Class 33535752 U.S. Army Virginia
Florant John L. Private 34054426 U.S. Army Pennsylvania
Flynn Leo L. Private 36533521 U.S. Army Michigan
Ford Johnnie C. Private First Class 14065823 U.S. Army Georgia
Fortinsky Harold P. Private 13129611 U.S. Army Pennsylvania
Foss Norman C. Staff Sergeant 36446132 U.S. Army Illinois
Foster Albert S. Private First Class 38038060 U.S. Army Texas
Foster Benjamin F. Private First Class 42010595 U.S. Army New Jersey
Fottenbury Otis O. Second Lieutenant O2055045 U.S. Army Ohio
Fox Bernard   Technical Sergeant 32811291 U.S. Army New York
Francisco Austin S. Private First Class 34884555 U.S. Army Tennessee
Frechette Alfred J. Private 31381608 U.S. Army Connecticut
Freeman Robert R. Second Lieutenant O1183288 U.S. Army Texas
Frieden Herman L. Private 16051044 U.S. Army Air Forces Missouri
Frock Vernon R. Private 43023620 U.S. Army Maryland
Fuller Norman C. Staff Sergeant 39301493 U.S. Army Oregon
Gabrus Joseph   Sergeant 12065045 U.S. Army New York
Gaertig Roy M. Staff Sergeant 16170720 U.S. Army Air Forces Illinois
Gahm Othol L. Flight Officer T-186404 U.S. Army Air Forces Kansas
Gallardo Jesus M. Corporal 38359258 U.S. Army Texas
Gallup Thane E. Private 39314589 U.S. Army Oregon
Gamble Thomas F. Staff Sergeant 18162507 U.S. Army Air Forces Oklahoma
Gardner Abraham   Private First Class 32704480 U.S. Army New York
Garrett Wesley D. Private First Class 6388514 U.S. Army Alabama
Gates William H. Private 6939871 U.S. Army Minnesota
Gaunce John E. First Sergeant 20725077 U.S. Army Kansas
Gauthier Reeves K. First Lieutenant O-375631 U.S. Army Air Forces Ohio
Geddis Robert G. Technician Fourth Grade 36180175 U.S. Army Michigan
Geely Victor L. Staff Sergeant 36152809 U.S. Army Michigan
Gein Carl A. First Lieutenant O-733553 U.S. Army Air Forces California
Geist Wesley D. Sergeant 37233289 U.S. Army Air Forces Kansas
Gianacopolous Arthur   Private First Class 31381076 U.S. Army Connecticut
Gilbert Justus M. Private First Class 38276985 U.S. Army Oklahoma
Gilkerson Harvey L. Private 38417772 U.S. Army Texas
Gill John W. First Lieutenant O-540370 U.S. Army Nebraska
Gillman Marvin N. Technician Fourth Grade 16105218 U.S. Army Michigan
Gillmore Thomas F. Staff Sergeant 37013182 U.S. Army Air Forces Kansas
Gills Louis   Cook Third Class 6573078 U.S. Navy North Carolina
Gillum Merton E. Sergeant 36688330 U.S. Army Illinois
Gilman Robert L. First Lieutenant O-1013089 U.S. Army New Hampshire
Gilstrap Herman O. Private First Class 34820139 U.S. Army Georgia
Gladkowski Walter S. Technical Sergeant 11105786 U.S. Army Air Forces Massachusetts
Glasgow Will W. Private First Class 15361858 U.S. Army Ohio
Gocek Peter V. Technical Sergeant 13116327 U.S. Army Air Forces Pennsylvania
Goddard Lewis F. First Sergeant 15373700 U.S. Army Tennessee
Godwin Edwin F. Private First Class 14139232 U.S. Army Georgia
Goldstein Alvin P. First Lieutenant O-793246 U.S. Army Air Forces New York
Goodenough Elwin C. Second Lieutenant O1702875 U.S. Army Air Forces Oklahoma
Goodman James J. Ship's Cook First Class 3563200 U.S. Navy Texas
Goodnight Tommie A. Private 34875876 U.S. Army Mississippi
Gracia Julius   Private 32983299 U.S. Army New York
Grant Seymour   Radarman Third Class 3778918 U.S. Navy California
Graves Elmer N. Private First Class 20748918 U.S. Army Minnesota
Graybill Edward C. Second Lieutenant O-770251 U.S. Army Air Forces Washington
Green Louis   Corporal 32561973 U.S. Army New York
Green Richard E. Staff Sergeant 39217013 U.S. Army Air Forces Washington
Greene William M. Private First Class 11097769 U.S. Army Rhode Island
Greenwell Robert E. Captain O-440327 U.S. Army Air Forces Texas
Griffith Robert L. Seaman Second Class 7124480 U.S. Navy New York
Grodin Morrie   Staff Sergeant 37274607 U.S. Army Minnesota
Gross John K. Staff Sergeant 37316654 U.S. Army Air Forces South Dakota
Groves Ernest L. Private 34883935 U.S. Army Tennessee
Guarnagia Charles   Private First Class 31371498 U.S. Army Massachusetts
Guerin John P. Second Lieutenant O1298056 U.S. Army New York
Guertin Arthur L. First Lieutenant O-797117 U.S. Army Air Forces Michigan
Guest Harold R. Torpedoman's Mate Second Class 7069098 U.S. Navy New Jersey
Gunderson Thomas R. Private First Class 36772781 U.S. Army Illinois
Gusler Leslie G. Sergeant 38010405 U.S. Army New Mexico
Habendott Jacob   Second Lieutenant O1174878 U.S. Army Illinois
Hagan Stephen J. Private 31372165 U.S. Army Massachusetts
Hagman James M. Corporal 36828189 U.S. Army Wisconsin
Hahn Edward H. Private First Class 20943049 U.S. Army Washington
Haight Byron G. Technician Fifth Grade 32048333 U.S. Army New York
Haight David B. Private First Class 39462924 U.S. Army Washington
Hall Harry H. Shipfitter Third Class 8336684 U.S. Navy North Carolina
Hall Leonard E. Corporal 34371699 U.S. Army Tennessee
Hall Stephen L. Technician Fourth Grade 39019459 U.S. Army California
Halls Raymond C. Sergeant 36462476 U.S. Army Air Forces Michigan
Hamann John E. Private 42035465 U.S. Army New York
Hameline Edwin J. Private 32048136 U.S. Army New York
Hames Robert E. Private 34123453 U.S. Army South Carolina
Hamilton Norbert B. First Lieutenant O-1287343 U.S. Army Pennsylvania
Hanna Robert C. First Lieutenant O-732466 U.S. Army Air Forces Pennsylvania
Hanne Walter J. Private First Class 32212968 U.S. Army New York
Hansbury Francis J. Staff Sergeant 32666752 U.S. Army New York
Hansen Christian N. Private First Class 31220300 U.S. Army Maine
Hansen George   Merchant Seaman Z-236220 U.S. Merchant Marine New Jersey
Hanson John D. Second Lieutenant O1703034 U.S. Army Utah
Harcher William J. Staff Sergeant 32740979 U.S. Army Air Forces New York
Haren George S. Private First Class 37655259 U.S. Army Iowa
Harmon Clifford B. Captain   U.S. Army Ohio
Harris George M. Staff Sergeant 39550707 U.S. Army California
Harris George W. Motor Machinist's Mate Second Class 5500683 U.S. Navy North Carolina
Harris John R. Staff Sergeant 39712471 U.S. Army Air Forces California
Harsh Charles L. Private First Class 35596965 U.S. Army Ohio
Hart Earl E. Corporal 16148413 U.S. Army Michigan
Harvey Charles A. Technician Fourth Grade 36555915 U.S. Army Michigan
Harvey Darwyn   Private 32356773 U.S. Army New York
Hathorne Robert R. Private 38419515 U.S. Army Louisiana
Haugland Arthur R. Private First Class 37555343 U.S. Army Minnesota
Hawkins Walter D. Private 34100278 U.S. Army Alabama
Hay John A. Second Lieutenant O-737780 U.S. Army Air Forces California
Hay John J. Private 32728747 U.S. Army New York
Hayes Calvin W. Private 33666740 U.S. Army Pennsylvania
Hayes William R. Private First Class 31114955 U.S. Army Vermont
Hazel Robert K. Private First Class 35601823 U.S. Army Ohio
Hazen James W. Private First Class 38126940 U.S. Army Oklahoma
Heath Ellis G. Second Lieutenant O-821787 U.S. Army Air Forces New York
Helberg Raymond L. Corporal 32280671 U.S. Army New York
Henderson Lowell   Private First Class 35551738 U.S. Army Ohio
Hendrix William R. Seaman First Class 6566800 U.S. Navy North Carolina
Hennes Warren J. Private First Class 12041265 U.S. Army New York
Henry Charles T. Corporal 14164524 U.S. Army Air Forces North Carolina
Herrera Braulio P. Private 39574563 U.S. Army California
Hertel Melvin E. Technical Sergeant 38143522 U.S. Army Air Forces Texas
Herzog Gilbert M. Sergeant 16155750 U.S. Army Wisconsin
Hibbard Ernest A. Staff Sergeant 35267660 U.S. Army Air Forces Kentucky
Hill Branch Coleman Steward's Mate Second Class 6444132 U.S. Navy Mississippi
Hill Jack E. Second Lieutenant O-674672 U.S. Army Air Forces Oklahoma
Hill John M. Private 13081489 U.S. Army Pennsylvania
Himes Casper H. Private First Class 32658865 U.S. Army New York
Hines Rex J. Technician Fifth Grade 36320148 U.S. Army Illinois
Hirales Ralph V. Private First Class 39847995 U.S. Army Arizona
Hoag William I. Second Lieutenant O1316415 U.S. Army Wisconsin
Hoch Daniel R. Staff Sergeant 33618777 U.S. Army Air Forces Pennsylvania
Hoffman Deneal   Sergeant 35672433 U.S. Army Air Forces Ohio
Hoffman Harvey S. First Lieutenant O-1108018 U.S. Army New York
Hogan Jack   Second Lieutenant O1703033 U.S. Army Missouri
Hogan James C. Private First Class 20419381 U.S. Army Florida
Hogue Elias   Private 33091595 U.S. Army Virginia
Holmberg Albert   Private First Class 12158964 U.S. Army New York
Horne Leland K. Second Lieutenant O-760313 U.S. Army Air Forces Idaho
Hornstrom Guy C. Private First Class 33683217 U.S. Army Pennsylvania
Horyt Edward S. Private First Class 42012303 U.S. Army New Jersey
Howard Murt M. Private First Class 33291294 U.S. Army Pennsylvania
Hublinger Henry L. Corporal 35919028 U.S. Army Ohio
Hudson Thomas H. Second Lieutenant O-677751 U.S. Army Air Forces California
Huelsing George B. Private 37414057 U.S. Army Missouri
Huff Richard W. Second Lieutenant O7463518 U.S. Army Air Forces Kansas
Hughes Jack E. First Lieutenant O-714420 U.S. Army Air Forces Oklahoma
Hunt Joseph C. Private 33470703 U.S. Army Pennsylvania
Husbands James H. Staff Sergeant 34649137 U.S. Army Air Forces South Carolina
Hutton Leon F. Merchant Seaman Z-36622 U.S. Merchant Marine Michigan
Hutzler Clayton L. Private 42023519 U.S. Army New York
Irwin George T. Motor Machinist's Mate Third Class 8780781 U.S. Navy California
Isaacson Cameron D. Technician Fifth Grade 37488254 U.S. Army Nebraska
Ishmael Robert J. Sergeant 17069449 U.S. Army Air Forces Illinois
Jacquel Raymond L. Sergeant 31346126 U.S. Army Massachusetts
Jakubczak Vincent S. Staff Sergeant 32460731 U.S. Army Air Forces New Jersey
Jamme Richard A. Private 39328656 U.S. Army Oregon
Janack James J. Technician Fourth Grade 42120733 U.S. Army New York
Jarosz John   Private First Class 31122653 U.S. Army Connecticut
Jeanes John Oscar Seaman Second Class 2635608 U.S. Navy South Carolina
Jeffress Robert V. Seaman First Class 6582396 U.S. Navy Virginia
Jendras Anthony J. Staff Sergeant 32239130 U.S. Army New Jersey
Jenior Robert A. Technical Sergeant 15324209 U.S. Army Air Forces Ohio
Jenkins Francis W. Private 36462841 U.S. Army Michigan
Jenkins Lawrence J. J. Technician Fourth Grade 11053691 U.S. Army Massachusetts
Jensen George W. Private First Class 35578145 U.S. Army Indiana
Jerstad James H. Staff Sergeant 16156123 U.S. Army Wisconsin
Jeruejerue tombe Donald L. Staff Sergeant 16086210 U.S. Army Air Forces Michigan
Jimenez Jose R. Technician Fifth Grade 38065507 U.S. Army Texas
Johnson A. J. Mess Attendant Third Class 2961141 U.S. Navy Tennessee
Johnson Harry V. Technician Fifth Grade 34032531 U.S. Army North Carolina
Johnson Howard R. Sergeant 32730633 U.S. Army Air Forces New York
Johnson Howard W. Second Lieutenant O1322855 U.S. Army New Jersey
Johnson Junius L. Private 13014873 U.S. Army Virginia
Johnson Langdon E. First Lieutenant O-804554 U.S. Army Air Forces West Virginia
Johnson Lenard S. Staff Sergeant 39125202 U.S. Army Air Forces California
Johnson Melvin J. First Lieutenant O-749695 U.S. Army Air Forces Utah
Johnson Oren   Private 34062243 U.S. Army Georgia
Johnson Thomas V. Private First Class 34023581 U.S. Army Florida
Johnson Willie   Private 34531745 U.S. Army Florida
Johnston James C. Staff Sergeant 36562984 U.S. Army Air Forces Michigan
Jones Homer G. Private First Class 38099014 U.S. Army Texas
Jones Ira B. Staff Sergeant 36688932 U.S. Army Illinois
Jones Raymond L. Private First Class 32243176 U.S. Army New Jersey
Jones Samuel   Private First Class 32560945 U.S. Army New Jersey
Jones William J. Private 33462958 U.S. Army Pennsylvania
Joslin Robert W. Technician Fifth Grade 6990284 U.S. Army Indiana
Judy George F. Staff Sergeant 33444264 U.S. Army Ohio
Junkins Harry E. Second Lieutenant O-806077 U.S. Army Air Forces Maine
Juve Walter H. Private 13186200 U.S. Army Ohio
Kachelmier Joseph J. Technician Fifth Grade 39450223 U.S. Army Idaho
Kafka George J. Private 31195388 U.S. Army Connecticut
Kafka William J. Private First Class 36662490 U.S. Army Illinois
Kahler Roland K. Staff Sergeant 35324838 U.S. Army Air Forces Ohio
Kankelfitz Martin E. Private First Class 36833805 U.S. Army Wisconsin
Karcich Dominic L. Staff Sergeant 37349353 U.S. Army Air Forces Colorado
Karr Jo R. Technical Sergeant 39314257 U.S. Army Air Forces Oregon
Karsen Kenneth C. Private First Class 36879960 U.S. Army Michigan
Kater Lyle R. Second Lieutenant O-737131 U.S. Army Air Forces Missouri
Katz Jerome   Private First Class 32823617 U.S. Army New York
Kaudelky Raymond A. Staff Sergeant 32390848 U.S. Army Air Forces New Jersey
Keefe Frank A. Fireman First Class 4051162 U.S. Navy Pennsylvania
Keen Walter G. Motor Machinist's Mate Second Class 7225523 U.S. Navy Delaware
Keiper Charles A. Technical Sergeant 12063882 U.S. Army Air Forces Pennsylvania
Keithley Henry C. Private First Class 37535112 U.S. Army Kansas
Kelley Harold R. Private First Class 34811556 U.S. Army Alabama
Kelly Harley A. Staff Sergeant 38185517 U.S. Army Air Forces Louisiana
Kemp Edward   Staff Sergeant 34141539 U.S. Army Tennessee
Kenna John A. Private 7074136 U.S. Army New York
Kepner Walter E. Private 32735568 U.S. Army New York
Kerns John E. Second Lieutenant O-810515 U.S. Army Air Forces Missouri
Kersey Robert L. Private 39419308 U.S. Army California
Ketchum Franklyn M. First Lieutenant O-461027 U.S. Army New York
Kichler Paul J. Corporal 34805286 U.S. Army Alabama
Kilbury Carl H. Private 16015693 U.S. Army Illinois
Kimball Paul R. Second Lieutenant O-531344 U.S. Army Air Forces California
Kincaid Leroy E. Corporal 39210935 U.S. Army Air Forces Washington
King Richard   Private 39132847 U.S. Army California
Kinney William E. Sergeant 33086743 U.S. Army Pennsylvania
Kiser Torrence W. Technician Fifth Grade 33661546 U.S. Army Virginia
Kitz Albert J. Captain O-920759 U.S. Army New Jersey
Kjeldgaard Einer C. Private First Class 37164546 U.S. Army Minnesota
Klein Harvey L. Flight Officer T-180275 U.S. Army Air Forces Illinois
Kleuser Theodore J. First Lieutenant O-670568 U.S. Army Air Forces Arkansas
Knapp Burl J. Corporal 36402694 U.S. Army Michigan
Knoche Vernon E. Technical Sergeant 37388338 U.S. Army Missouri
Kohan Michael   Seaman First Class 6531730 U.S. Navy Pennsylvania
Koller Fred O. Private First Class 33685929 U.S. Army Pennsylvania
Kolosha Walter W. First Lieutenant O-1170453 U.S. Army Massachusetts
Kosker John J. Technician Fifth Grade 33905054 U.S. Army Maryland
Kosmos John   Private First Class 35515127 U.S. Army Ohio
Kramer Herbert Jess Machinist's Mate Second Class 4048622 U.S. Navy Pennsylvania
Kreiling Chester W. Corporal 6911098 U.S. Army Washington
Kressel Warren K. Seaman First Class 8121429 U.S. Navy New York
Kriegel Bernard   Private 42017513 U.S. Army New Jersey
Kriz Virgil V. Corporal 37651080 U.S. Army Iowa
Krober Baldwin J. Second Lieutenant O-663626 U.S. Army Air Forces Oklahoma
Kroulik Harry   Private First Class 37328386 U.S. Army Colorado
Kuehl Orrin F. Private 37684764 U.S. Army Iowa
Kula Walter K. Private 36690256 U.S. Army Illinois
Kylies Charlie   Private 38501743 U.S. Army Louisiana
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