You will find below the list of the soldiers buried in the cemetery of Drgauignan, died during the Second World War.

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Wachter Frank J. Private 31342553 U.S. Army Connecticut
Waddle Ernest E. Second Lieutenant O1316349 U.S. Army Kansas
Wagner Warren E. Motor Machinist's Mate Second Class 7557260 U.S. Navy West Virginia
Walker Billy O. Second Lieutenant O2269023 U.S. Army Air Forces Texas
Walker Connie O. Second Lieutenant O-821120 U.S. Army Air Forces Florida
Walker Thomas G. Second Lieutenant O-797649 U.S. Army Air Forces Pennsylvania
Walkmeister John L. Sergeant 20907029 U.S. Army California
Wall Edward J. Technician Fourth Grade 32748680 U.S. Army New York
Wall John P. Private 31306196 U.S. Army Massachusetts
Wall Ralph A. Private First Class 34730762 U.S. Army Tennessee
Wallace Elwood T. Ship's Cook Second Class 6511653 U.S. Navy Pennsylvania
Walters Fred L. Sergeant 34896735 U.S. Army Air Forces North Carolina
Wandell Frederick H. Second Lieutenant O-681486 U.S. Army Air Forces New Jersey
Ward Ivery J. Private 32795669 U.S. Army New York
Warner Gerald E. Second Lieutenant O-691327 U.S. Army Air Forces South Dakota
Warr Robert L. Sergeant 34645109 U.S. Army South Carolina
Warren Willie L. Private 34383875 U.S. Army South Carolina
Washington Henry   Private First Class 38299100 U.S. Army Texas
Waters William D. Second Lieutenant O-684585 U.S. Army Air Forces Ohio
Watkins Almon D. Private 36972821 U.S. Army Michigan
Watson Ephraim F. Private First Class 34016297 U.S. Army North Carolina
Waugh Donald L. First Lieutenant O1303236 U.S. Army Missouri
Wear Robert W. Private First Class 36289047 U.S. Army Wisconsin
Webb Ike B. Captain O-659207 U.S. Army Air Forces Texas
Webb Lee M. First Lieutenant O1286934 U.S. Army Arizona
Webb William W. First Lieutenant O1174469 U.S. Army Florida
Weber Nevil T. Motor Machinist's Mate Third Class 6134080 U.S. Navy Ohio
Weinberger Walter T. Sergeant 16089348 U.S. Army Air Forces Wisconsin
Wells Norris B. Private First Class 35867268 U.S. Army Ohio
Welsh Dale C. Technician Fifth Grade 37678668 U.S. Army Iowa
Werdmann Louis J. Private 35871459 U.S. Army Ohio
West James E. Private 35736448 U.S. Army Ohio
Westbrook Oliver A. First Lieutenant O-521120 U.S. Army Air Forces North Carolina
Westerman Billy B. Staff Sergeant 20818549 U.S. Army Texas
Wheary Frederick W. Second Lieutenant O-690521 U.S. Army Air Forces Wisconsin
White Ben L. Private 38097297 U.S. Army Texas
White James E. Private 37549178 U.S. Army Minnesota
White James H. Private 38478820 U.S. Army Texas
Whitfield Jack   Private First Class 39270845 U.S. Army California
Whitley George T. Private First Class 34891165 U.S. Army North Carolina
Whittaker John H. Private First Class 36787562 U.S. Army Illinois
Whittle Robert E. Private First Class 35273840 U.S. Army Ohio
Wiedbusch Melvin E. First Lieutenant O-753769 U.S. Army Air Forces Illinois
Wieland Walter A. Corporal 37146959 U.S. Army Nebraska
Wiener Harry J. Second Lieutenant O-689712 U.S. Army Air Forces California
Wikins Henry   Private 33781304 U.S. Army Pennsylvania
Willhite Theodore E. Major O-406074 U.S. Army Air Forces Iowa
Williams Andrew   Private 36505751 U.S. Army Michigan
Williams Clarence T. Staff Sergeant 15086843 U.S. Army Air Forces Kentucky
Williams Harry S. Private 32006729 U.S. Army New York
Williams James P. Second Lieutenant O-824595 U.S. Army Air Forces Virginia
Williams Robert H. First Lieutenant O-692731 U.S. Army Air Forces Pennsylvania
Williams Robert J. Sergeant 32877114 U.S. Army New York
Williamson William W. Private 35231445 U.S. Army Ohio
Wilson Charles M. Staff Sergeant 13108714 U.S. Army Air Forces Pennsylvania
Wilson Woodrow   Second Lieutenant O-711102 U.S. Army Air Forces Texas
Winges Harold   Technician Fifth Grade 32779936 U.S. Army New York
Wise Gordon W. Staff Sergeant 39905666 U.S. Army Air Forces Nevada
Wise Robert L. Technical Sergeant 15107423 U.S. Army Air Forces Indiana
Woerpel Herbert H. Flight Officer T-124322 U.S. Army Air Forces Wisconsin
Wolcott Robert L. Corporal 35053195 U.S. Army Air Forces Ohio
Wolford Harry S. Private 33897861 U.S. Army Maryland
Wolk Alexander G. Corporal 33319823 U.S. Army Pennsylvania
Wolke Alfred G. Sergeant 32800074 U.S. Army New York
Wood Fred D. Staff Sergeant 13119193 U.S. Army Air Forces Virginia
Woodruff John P. Technical Sergeant 35333655 U.S. Army Air Forces Ohio
Woods Clint W. Major O-396504 U.S. Army Air Forces Pennsylvania
Woods James Westley Steward's Mate Third Class 2728619 U.S. Navy Alabama
Woods Robert A. Private 33194518 U.S. Army District of Columbia
Wortman Carl L. Private 35090971 U.S. Army Indiana
Wright William R. Second Lieutenant O-691025 U.S. Army Air Forces Indiana
Wysokinski Stanley   Staff Sergeant 12059857 U.S. Army Air Forces New York
Yarnall Charles P. Captain O1170260 U.S. Army Kansas
Yellon Alvin H. Second Lieutenant O-824315 U.S. Army Air Forces Illinois
Young Joseph B. Staff Sergeant 34375906 U.S. Army Air Forces Maryland
Yulo Basil J. Private First Class 32198871 U.S. Army New York
Zadlo Joseph L. Private First Class 33312244 U.S. Army Pennsylvania
Zarochin Joseph   Private 33826996 U.S. Army Pennsylvania
Zeager Elmer D. Private 33231037 U.S. Army Pennsylvania
Zeigler Warren C. Staff Sergeant 13125326 U.S. Army Air Forces Pennsylvania
Ziehlke Kenneth E. Staff Sergeant 16144881 U.S. Army Air Forces Illinois
Zielewicz Joseph S. Staff Sergeant 35020263 U.S. Army Ohio
Zoglman Clarence J. Staff Sergeant 17020822 U.S. Army Air Forces Kansas
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