Aleda E. LUTZ



lutz aleda
AGE29 yo
DATE OF BIRTH9 november 1915 to Freeland MICHIGAN

Lieutenant ( 17 December 1943 )

1st female officer killed on the European front



flight nurse

JOB before ENLISTEMENTNurse in the Hospital at Selfridge Field, MICHIGANMI
SQUADRON802nd Medical Air Evacuation Squadron
GROUP51st Troop Carr W G - 12nd Air Force
ARMYArmy Nurse Corps
DATE DU DECES1 november 1944

lutz aleda tombe

lutz aleda e tombe

PLACE OF DEATHBetween Cret of Partridge and crêt boot (Massif du Pilat) 12 km SE St-Chamond
DATA OF PLANBased in Istres (13-France)
Takeoff Luxeuil (70-France)
Mission: Medical evacuation between Luxeuil (70-France) and Istres (13-France)
Crash at 14:30 with 15 injured (9 and 5 allied prisoners German) transfer on board - No survivor
Weather conditions (fog, rain and frost)

Plan from Rhônes American Cemetery

Distinguished Flying Cross
Purple Heart
Air Medal
Photo FDLM
Photo FDLM
12 air forcearmy medical dept army nurse corps 

Lieut. Lutz gave much comfort and aid to wounded troops that were being evacuated from the battle front.

She came into many combat zones while evacuating wounded troops. While overseas, she was active in European, African, and Italian battlefields.

Several times she helped to evacuate wounded soldiers from the Anzio Beachhead, which was under fire from the German Army.

Lieut. Lutz was involved in 196 missions and had accumulated 814 hours in the air, more than any other army nurse. On the tragic day of her death, November 1, 1944, Lieutenant Lutz was transporting 15 wounded soldiers from Lyon, France to a hospital in Italy in a C-47 when a violent storm was encountered.

The pilot lost control of the aircraft and crashed on the northern flank of the Pilat massif in the commune of Doizieux, near the town of St Chamond, 42 - France.

There were no survivors.

Lieutenant Lutz was buried with full military honors in an American Cemetery in France. Lieut. Lutz, known as "Lutzy" to all who knew her, was 28 years old when she was killed; she is thought to be the first female killed in action in World War II.


Crash du Douglas C-47 - type A-10-DK - s/n 42-92700

Crew of C47

1st Lieutenant Carson M ROBERTS Pilot Deceased
2nd Lieutenant William C WARD CoPilot Deceased
Sergeant Shirley N BRECKENRIDGE Mechanic Deceased
Cpl Howard E KAHLER Radio Deceased
1st Lieutenant Aleda Ester LUTZ Nurse Deceased - Cim Am Rhône Draguignan (83)

Passenger of C47

Capitaine William A STEINHURST Passenger Deceased - Cim Am Rhône Draguignan (83)
1st Lieutenant Roger N PHILIPS Passenger Deceased
S/Sergeant Leonard B VASQUEZ Passenger Deceased
Sergeant Ronald  TAKARA Passenger Deceased
1Cl Ellis Frederick "Bub" GILLESPIE Passenger Deceased
Pfc Ciro J ROMANO Passenger Deceased
Pvt Edwin BEAL Passenger Deceased - Cim Am Rhône Draguignan (83)
Pvt John FERRARA Passenger Deceased - Cim Am Rhône Draguignan (83)
Pvt John B YOUNG Passenger Deceased

 C 47 Skytrain


lutz aleda crasch

B.Tamaillon - La Talaudière (42)

Archive photo.

This is a very small 8x6 photo whose definition is not extraordinary but it has the value of history document.

It was taken in 1945, as noted in the back of this picture, a few months after the crash. The wreck had begun to be dismantled (we see that the flap of the drift no longer has its interlining while it is visible on the few photos taken after the crash). At the back of the photo there is the name of the three people in the foreground (from left to right: Basson - Defour - Charra). The fourth character on the back is not identified.

This photo comes from the family archives of my stepfather Paul Forest (Terrenoire) who was 20 years old at the time.  


Monument in honor of Douglas C-47 staff - type A-10-DK - s / n 42-92700

by Paul MEYERE

lutz monument1 lutz monument2
lutz monument3 lutz monument4
lutz monument5 lutz monument6

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