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AGE36 yo
DATE OF BIRTH25 june 1908
Green, Summit County, OHIO

Parents: James J & Jeannette Almeda WERSTLER CLIMES

Epouse: Wanda Marie BUSKIRK CLIMES

Siblings: Arno, Ralph Andrew,Dorothy M, Donald J, Marion J, Margaret Helen, Maxie Pauline, Carrie E, Lillian M, Robert F(Veteran U.S Navy), Catherine J, Paul W (Veteran WW2) & Jack Climes (Veteran Korea)

RANKPrivate First Class
JOB BEFORE ENLISTEMENTSkilled millers, grain, flour, feedOH
DATE of ENLISTEMENT28 march  1943 Cleveland OHIO
REGIMENT  115th Infantry Regiment
DIVISION  29th Infantry Division
DATE OF DEATH11 august 1944climes donald j tombe1
PLACE OF DEATHSaint-Sauveur-de-Chaulieu, MANCHE

Map of St James American Cemetery


Bronze Star

Purple Heart 

European African Middle Eastern Campaing Medal

American Campaign Medal

World War II Victory Medal

Combat Infantryman Badge



Photo FDLM 


american campaign medal

victory medal

combat infantryman badge



us army div 29 115ir


July 26, 1944: Eight days after the capture of St. Lo, the 29th was in the line again. Replacements and supplies had been brought up through the torn countryside and rubbled towns. Kicking off with the 30th Inf. and 2nd Armd. Divs., the Blue and Gray drove southward over the dusty, winding country lanes to seize Percy, Tessy-sur-Vire, St. Germain de Tallevande, Vire, Villebaudon.


climes donald mapGerman resistance was stubborn. Self-propelled 88s and small infantry units harassed the 29th as the Nazis fought delaying actions. The 121st Engr. Combat Bn. probed the roads, pulled mines and blasted openings in hedgerows for the 747th Tank Bn. and the 821st TD Bn. which supported the division. Leveling its guns at the hedgerows, the 419th AAA Bn, covered the attacks.
In late July, the Nazis launched a desperate counter-offensive designed to cut off American troops on the Cherbourg peninsula. In the 29th's sector, the 116th Panzer Div. battered Blue and Gray positions at Percy and Villebaudon but was driven back with heavy casualties. The 110th, 111th, 224th and 227th FA Bns. pounded enemy positions, prepared the way for the next lunge. 
"The Battle of Normandy" produced many heroes, T/5 Harold O'Connor, Westbrange, N.J., 175th Medic, dragged his wounded company commander from the Vire River, administered first aid, then braved murderous machine gun fire to stay with him until help came. Lt. Richard N. Reed, Canandaugua, N.Y., 175th, crawled within 10 yards of a Nazi machine gun before he charged the position, killing the gunner with the last round in his carbine and clubbing the assistant gunner with the butt. Pfc Robert Moore, Silver Springs, Md., 115th, stalked a German tank escorting American prisoners to enemy lines. After shouting to them to disperse, he fired his anti-tank grenade, drove off the tank.
East of St. Sauveur de Chaulieu, enemy tanks and infantry infiltrated behind the 115th's lines, Aug. 10. The regimental CP was moved forward as a perimeter defense was set up. Despite heavy losses, the 115th held firm. Relief came the next day.
After 63 days of action, the division came out of the line at Yvrandes, Aug. 15, its part in the battle of Normandy over. The 29th had been the cutting edge of every attack -- out in front each day of the long offensive.
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Greensburg Cemetery
Summit County

SOURCE INFORMATION & - - - - - - - - Jean-François PELLOUAIS & Rhonda LUNDBERG (Niece of Donald J. CLIMES)
PROGRAMMERFrédéric & Renaud
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