Lawrence Samuel GORDON


gordon lawrence
AGE28 yo
DATE OF BIRTH26 june 1916
Eastend, Saskatchewan CANADA
STATECANADA  drap cana
FAMILYParent: Sam & Ella GORDON
FONCTIONM8 Commander
JOB before ENLISTEMENTFarm hands, animal and livestockSaskatchewan
DATE of ENLISTEMENTJanuary 24, 1942 Seattle WASHINGTON
COMPANYReconnaissance Company
REGIMENT32nd Armored Regiment
DIVISION3rd Armored Division
DATE OF DEATHAugust 13, 1944gordon lawrence tombe

Cemetery Temporary of GORON from MAYENNE N°3527

BlocRangTombeD.D Number
GERMAN CEMETERYGerman Cemetery from Huisne-sur-Mer Cimetière Allemand de Huisne-sur-Mer

Map Cemetery Brittany from St James

Wall of Missing
DEFINIVE CEMETERYEastend Canadian Cemetery, SASKATCHEWANgordon lawrence tombe canada
Purple HeartPhoto FDLM
us armydiv arm 332 armored

Soldier Lawrence GORDON to Return to Canada

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On June 9 and 10, two ceremonies were held in honor of First Class soldier Lawrence S. Gordon on the sidelines of the 70th anniversary commemorations of the D-Day and the Battle of Normandy.

This American Canadian soldier, who died on August 13, 1944, was mistakenly buried as an unknown German soldier.

The first ceremony consisted in the official identification of the first class Gordon and the second in handing it over to his family of the body of this man who was the victim of an error of identification, 70 years ago.

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On his last trip, Private Lawrence S. GORDON will cross the Atlantic.

The bones of this Canadian-born member of the US Army, buried in the German cemetery of Huisne-sur-Mer (Manche) as a soldier of the Wehrmarcht for 69 years, will be handed over to his nephews and Nieces on 10 June.

At the end of an important work of historians, confirmed by research of identification by DNA.

Everything begins in the early 2000s when soldier Gordon's nephew honored his father's promise to go to his brother's grave, which fell under German bullets on 13 August 1944 near Carrouges (Orne).

But when he arrived at the American cemetery in Normandy, he realized that his uncle was among the "missing in action".

His body is missing.

Upon returning to Canada, the family moved closer to an American historian whose grandfather was also in the same unit as PFC Gordon.

At the same time, a French amateur historian, Alexis Boban, is passionate about the 32nd regiment of the 3rd American Armored Division to which the soldier belongs. With the same objective, go back to the last days of PFC Gordon.

By putting their work together, they succeed in reconstructing a story.

Born in 1916, engaged in the US Army but of Canadian nationality, Private Gordon was sent to the front after the Normandy landings.

He joined the reconnaissance company on August 13, 1944, at the command of an armored vehicle.

"A German shot hit the tank and the vehicle caught fire"

"The last survivor tells us that the two occupants of the arbor were dead on the spot. The driver was able to extricate himself and died two days later. "

Buried at first in an American cemetery, it is during an extraction that the gravediggers realize that it is wrapped in a jacket of the 3rd Reich.

They then transfer him to a German cemetery, burial number 8209 having no identity plate.

Ceremony of handing over of the family to the German Cemetery of Huisne-sur-Mer

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Photo Fdlm Photo Fdlm

En route for his last rest

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For four days, the remains of the soldier are escorted by hundreds of American veterans, police and sheriffs, among others, across five American states.

About fifty motorcyclists have swelled the ranks of the procession. Some say they are very moved to travel to Canada to bury their fellow soldier.

Citizens also gathered on the sidewalks of their municipality to greet the procession.

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