Source : Monty McDaniel
AGE29 yo

Spouse : Evelyn

RANKLieutenant (Junior Grade) 
FONCTIONSecond officer
ARMYUSN Reserve 
DATE OF DEATH10 August 1945


Source : F Lavernhe
PLACE OF DEATHJersey, Bay of Saint-Ouen ( Iles Anglo-Normandes )
DATA PLANOfficer on USS PT Boat 509
34 Squadron torpedo boats 

Map of St James American Cemetery

Wall of the missing

Purple Heart

World War II Victory Medal 


Photo FDLM

victory medal


usnr usnr crist patch

Lieutenant JG John K Pavlis was a member of the United States Naval Reserve and active in the US Navy during WW2 as an officer on the USS PT Boat 509, Torpedo Boat 34 Squadron.

He was married to Evelyn Pavlis.

Voici le compte rendu audacieux d’après le seul témoin survivant, le RdM2c John L. PAGE, USNR.


“On August 9, 1944 the crew of PT Boat 509 passed through thick fog along the mine-infested coast of Jersey Island. With a low visibility of 150 M, the crew glided towards the shore and saw several sightings of German ships in the bay of Saint-Ouen (Jersey).

Choosing to go unnoticed, Lt Crist ordered four torpedoes to be launched into the German formation and made the decision to enter the bay at high speed by strafing as many enemy ships as possible before using the power of the speedboat to escape. in open water.

Moments later, lookouts on the German ships saw the PT-509 and gave the order to fire the speedboat.

Already in firing position, the crew of the PT 509 retaliated against their attackers and the Commander ordered emergency avoidance maneuvers in order to avoid a fierce shootout for several minutes in the shallow and misty waters of the Corbière lard. .

Hit several times by large caliber, the PT 509 very quickly found itself surrounded by the German ships.

The ships surrounded the launch, a 180-foot minesweeper docked the launch and fired all weapons. John Page was in the chart room as a radar attendant with Lt John K. Pavlis (Tablets of Missing at Brittany American Cemetery) when a shell exploded in the chart room.

Injured John managed to crawl onto the deck of the burning speedboat.

The Germans threw a rope at him, he had the strength to take it before he was hoisted onto the minesweeper.

By the time they stretched him out he had his leg and right arm broken, finally the Germans left the scene and the last thing John heard was a loud explosion and a roar coming from PT 509.

German doctors at the English Hospital in St. Helier found 37 wounds on his body and he was last operated on on December 27, 1944.

Out of 17 crew, only one survivor was RdM2c John L. Page.


Source : Monty McDaniel

bunker on the bay of Saint-Ouen, Jersey
Le 10 Août un plan de recherche a permis de retrouver le corps d’un des hommes de la vedette lance-torpille « SASSY SUE ». Une partie de la coque du PT 509 retrouvé le 20 Août 1944 criblé de balle!!!!Quatre autres vedettes faisaient partis de la patouille du 9 Août 1944. - TP 500 - TP 503 - TP 507 - PT 508
Crew members of USS PT 509
Lt. Harry M Crist
Lt. JG James M Mathes
Lt. JG John K Pavlis
Williams Ausley GM. 3/c
Charles A. Kornak GM. 3/c
Alfred A. Ricci GM. 3/c
Walter P. Wypick GM. 3/c
Darrel A. Bricker Rdm. 3/c
Richard E. Horsfield MoMM. 2.c
Marvin W. Lossin MoMM 2/c
Rudolf W. Schaffroth TM. 2/c
Kenneth R. Line SC. 3/c
Edward C. Thale OM, 2/c
Tony S. Reynolds RM. 3/c
Jersey stamp with the effigy of PT 509
Monument  SSU PT 509Carte

History of the Vedette Lance Torpedoes PT Version

The PT 509 leaves the Elco Electric Boat Works factories in October 1943

She was launched on December 29, 1943

The PT 509 was a torpedo launch

It was delivered to the US Navy on January 25, 1944.

The speedboat was assigned to 34 Torpedo Launcher Squadron.

Initially the PT 509 has for mission the surveillance of the American odds (east coast)



The speedboat is then transported by freighter to England to participate in the invasion of Europe.


PT 50%

PT 509

3 Packard V 12 engines (4050 HP, Speed 40 knots)

4 Torpedo Lances of 21 inches (2 cannons of 20 mm, 4 cannons of 50 mm)

In the first days of the landing, the mission of Squadron 34 was to assist damaged or sinking ships.

The other mission was to protect the transport corridor between England and Normandy.

Protection against attacks from U-boats or surface boats.

Squadron 34 is made up of 12 boats numbered 498 to 509

Their home port was Portsmouth until Cherbourg was liberated on July 25, 1944

During the night of August 8 to 9, 1944, the Germans transferred 2 batteries of 15 cm K 18 (field gun) from the island of Guernsey to the island of Jersey.

The convoy consisted of 2 cargo ships of 5 heavily armed trawlers one M 4626 (OstfriesLand flotille 46 MsFI based in St Malo)

Cargo 5 or 6 K 18 guns and 170 artillery personnel

At 5:30 a.m. the convoy was detected off the bay of SAINT OUEN and pointed to NOIRMONT

At 6:08 a.m. torpedoes were launched without result

PT 509

Lieutenant PAVLIS died at the helm of PT 509

Place of disappearance LA POINTE DE NOIRMONT

The PT 509 being out of control, it struck the M 4626 at a right angle

Lieutenant MATHE got into the ship to destroy the confidential documents

German troops fired light weapons and grenades

A few days later the sea returned the bodies of HORSFIELD BRICKER and SCHAFFORTH

For this action the PT 509 received its second Battle Star of World War II

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