AGE28 yo


RANKTechnician Fifth Grade
DATE of ENLISTEMENT24 February 1941 Montgomery ALABAMA
BATTALION82nd Reconnaissance Battalion
DIVISION GROUP2nd Armored Division
DATE OF DEATH8 August 1944robichaux allen tombe

Map of St James American Cemetery


Purple Heart

World War II Victory Medal 

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victory medal

us army div arm 2 1 82rb

ROBICHAUX Allen P stele

Memorial to the American soldiers at the entrance of the village of Saint Georges de Rouelley.


ROBICHAUX Allen P tombe1

Tomb of Allen P. Robichaux, an American G.I. fallen in France in 1944.

Picture of Jean-Jacques Morel

A French history buff is helping Escondido residents reconnect with the history of a relative who fell in Normandy, France in 1944 after the D-Day invasion to liberate Europe. They will be attending a D-Day/World War II memorial service for their uncle in Normandy.

French resident Jean-Jacques, a WWII history buff is helping Escondido residents Mike Schelley and his daughters reconnect with the history of their uncle and great-uncle by organizing a memorial ceremony in September in the town where he fell in France.

Jean-Jacques Morel is an avid amateur historian who specializes in the Invasion of Normandy. He uncovers the lost stories of American soldiers killed in Normandy in 1944.

According to American writer/journalist Mary Margaret Chappell, who formerly was the food editor of Vegetarian Times magazine, “Mr. Morel, a Frenchman living in Brittany has formed a close bond with a family in Escondido —Mike Schelley and his daughters–and will be hosting them as they visit their uncle’s tomb in the WWII American cemetery in Normandy, France. Last year, he accompanied one of the soldier’s nieces to the cemetery — she and her family live in Paso Robles.”

Morel contacted Chappell because he wanted to get the story out of both the family’s journeys to Normandy and the ceremony he is putting together. The ceremony will be held September 5, at the monument in the town where Allen Robicheaux (the soldier) fell two months to the day after gliding into Normandy on D-Day.

Morel wrote Chappell: “My name is Jean-Jacques Morel, I am French. I live in Rennes (Brittany), France. I am a project manager.

“I am in contact since the first August 2017 with Mrs. Silver Claire from Paso Robles (California) because her uncle is buried in the Brittany American cemetery in Saint-James Normandie (WWII Cemetery). We went all together last summer holiday in this place to honor the grave of this soldier whose name was Allen P. Robichaux (Service/Serial # 14046298). We continued to communicate. In December I went to the cemetery and organized a video call with all the member of this family! You must know Allen has got three sisters who are still alive: Wilma (Claire’s mother), Mahe (Mike Schelley’s mother) from California and Nita from Louisiana. They are more 90 years old now! It was a beautiful moment, I was very happy to have been able to show them their brother’s cross! A lot of emotion!”

For Memorial Day Morel went to the place where Robichaux died, at the entrance to the village of Saint Georges de Rouelley where a monument was set up in the early 2000s.

Morel writes: “I met the mayor and his two elected representatives the day of Memorial Day! We plan a ceremony the fifth of September 2018 because Mr. Schelley Mike (Allen’s Nephew) and his two daughters will come in France to honor Allen’s memory!”

Morel added, “I thought it could be interesting to have an American journalist by our side the 5th of September 2018 to make a report for Wilma, Mahe and Nita! In memory of their brother!”

The mayor will invite guests from the American Consulate of Rennes and local residents. Morel wrote: “I must tell you something Mr. Mayor of Saint Georges de Rouelley was six years old when Allen died and he remembers this day! He heard the noise of the fight! Allen’s section had established its camp in his parents’ farm. An incredible story!”

June 5, 2019 will mark the 75th anniversary of the D-Day invasion. Robichaux died on August 8 at Beau Soleil in Saint George de Rouelley during a reconnaissance patrol. He was a Louisiana-born man who served with the 82nd Recon Battalion of the 2nd Armored Division.

More on the “D-Day Dectective”

Ouest-France reporter Jean-Christophe Lalay wrote a piece for his paper entitled “This D-Day Detective Looks for Forgotten Veterans.”

LaLay begins the piece: “Jean-Jacques Morel is an avid amateur historian who specializes in the Invasion of Normandy. He uncovers the lost stories of American soldiers killed in Normandy in 1944.”

He continues: “Wednesday, September 5, Mike Schelley and his two daughters, Rachael and Lauren, will travel Normandy to visit the grave of their uncle and great-uncle. Allen P. Robichaux was killed on August 8 in Saint Georges de Rouelley and buried in the Brittany American Cemetery in Saint James, not far from the Mont-Saint-Michel. A representative from the American Consulate in Rennes will participate in the ceremony.

“On August 8, 1944, 26-year-old Allen Robichaux was on a reconnaissance mission along with two fellow soldiers. Their armored vehicle—an M-8 Scout Car—was attacked by the Germans while crossing a field and the three Americans were killed in action. A monument was erected in memory of the incident at Beau-Soleil, a small crossroads between Barenton and Saint Georges de Rouelley."

“One man is responsible for the memorial service to be held on September 5th: WWII history buff Jean-Jacques Morel, a fortysomething consultant who lives in Thorigné-Fouillard near Rennes (Ille et Vilaine).”

He quotes Morel: “In the early 2000’s, I was often in the area of the Brittany American Cemetery for work. In 2006, I decided to choose a grave at random to honor the memory of a fallen soldier and also look into his history.” Morel continues: “His name was William Kington Heeler, and he died on August 9, 1944. A few years later, I met someone who organized trips for Americans traveling in Normandy and last year, he asked me if I wanted to accompany him on a tour he was giving for clients who were coming to visit their uncle’s grave. That soldier was Allen P. Robichaux.”

This began Morel’s close relationship with the fallen G.I.’s family. “Morel then got in touch with the mayor of St Georges de Rouelley who himself had childhood memories of the attack on August 8, 1944, which took place near his family farm.”

He quotes Morel: “Allen Robichaux’s three sisters are still living in the US. I set up a videoconference between them and the mayor and it was simply incredible. Now, when I visit their brother’s grave, I contact them by video because they are too old to make the trip to France themselves.”




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Distinguished Service Cross21
Legion of Merit13
Silver Star1 954
Soldiers Medal131
Bronze Star5 331
Air Medal342
PWs Taken76 963


Killed1 102
Wounded5 331
Battle Casualties6 751
Non-Battle Casualties7 116
Total Casualties13 867


Activated15 Jul 1940
Arrived ETO24 Nov 1943
Arrived Continent (D+3)9 Jun 1944
Entered Combat 
First Elements13 Jun 1944*
Enitre Division2 Jul 1944
*Previous Combat - North Africa and Sicile


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27 NovemberTidworthWiltshireEngland


7 JuneSt-Laurent-sur-MerCalvadosFrance
10 JuneLa MineCalvadosFrance
2 JulySt-Paul-du-Vernay (vic NW)CalvadosFrance
18 JulyLa MineCalvadosFrance
24 JulyLe DezertMancheFrance
25 JulyPont Herbert (vic W)MancheFrance
26 JulyNotre-Dame-de-Cenilly (vic SW)MancheFrance
3 AugustPercy (vic S)MancheFrance
4 Aug ustCourson (vic N)MancheFrance
7 AugustLe Teilleul (1 Mi NE)MancheFrance
10 AugustBarenton (2 Mi W)MancheFrance
18 AugustSees (1 mi S)OrneFrance
19 AugustLongny-au-Perche (vic W)OrneFrance
20 AugustBrezolles (vic N)Eure-et-LoireFrance
25 AugustLe Neubourg (3 mi S)EureFrance
27 AugustMantes-Gassicourt (4 mi W)EureFrance
30 AugustMagny-en-Vexin (vic N)Seinte-et-OiseFrance
31 AugustBeauvais (2 mi S)OiseFrance
1 SeptemberPeronne (vic NW)SommeFrance
2 SepemberRumesHainautBelgium
6 SepemberArchennes (vic W)BrabantBelgium
8 Sep emberLouvain (vic SE)BrabantBelgium
9 SepemberHasselt (4 mi W)LimbourgBelgium
16 SepemberMaastricht (2 mi NE)LimburgNetherlands
18 SepemberSchimmertLimburgNetherlands
19 SepemberOirsbeek (1 mi SE)LimburgNetherlands
4 OctoberNieuwenhagenLimburgNetherlands
9 OctoberGrotenrathRhinelandGermany
11 OctoberWaubachLimburgNetherlands
11 NovemberPalenberg (1/2 mi E)RhinelandGermany
17 NovemberUbach (1 mi SE)RhinelandGermany
24 NovemberBaesweiler (1/2 mi SE)RhinelandGermany
22 DecemberHavelange (2 mi S)NamurBelgium
25 DecemberMohiville (1 mi W)NamurNamur
28 DecemberLeignonNamurBelgium
29 DecemberMohiville (1 mi W)NamurBelgium


2 JanuaryWerisLuxembourgBelgium
7 JanuaryFisenneLuxembourgBelgium
11 JanuaryErpignyLuxembourgBelgium
13 JanuaryOdeigneLuxembourgBelgium
14 JanuarySt-Jean (Farm)LuxembourgBelgium
20 JanuaryFlorzeLiegeBelgium
3 FebruaryGulpen (1 mi W)LimburgNetherlands
24 FebruaryAachen (2 mi NW)RhinelandGermany
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2 MarchHeideRhinelandGermany
3 MarchKrefeld (4 mi S)RhinelandGermany
14 MarchSchiefbahnRhinelandGermany
28 MarchBruckhausenWestphaliaGermany
29 MarchAltschermbeckWestphaliaGermany
30 MarchHullern (1 mi E)WestphaliaGermany
31 MarchWalsteddeWestphaliaGermany
1 AprilStrombergWestphaliaGermany
2 AprilSchloss HolteWestphaliaGermany
4 AprilLemgoWestphaliaGermany
5 AprilSchwobberHannoverGermany
7 AprilElzeHannoverGermany
10 AprilSoderHannoverGermany
11 AprilHornburgHannoverGermany
12 AprilKlein WanzlebenHannoverGermany
13 AprilGross OtterslebenHannoverGermany
21 AprilWolfenbuttelHannoverGermany
12 AprilKlein WanzlebenHannoverGermany


24 Nov 1943 First ETOUSA
27 Nov 1943VIIFirst  
8 Feb 1944XIXFirst  
12 Jun 1944VFirst  
18 Jul 1944VIIFirst  
2 Aug 1944XIXFirst 12th
7 Aug 1944VIIFirst 12th
13 Aug 1944XIXFirst 12th
18 Aug 1944VFirst 12th
19 Aug 1944XIXFirst 12th
28 Aug 1944XVFirst 12th
29 Aug 1944XIXFirst 12th
22 Oct 1944XIXNinth 12th
22 Dec 1944VIIFirst 12th Br 21st
18 Jan 1945VIIFirst 12th -
16 Feb 1945XIXNinth 12th Br 21st
4 Apr 1945XIXNinth 12th -
8 May 1945-Ninth 12th

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