AGE-- yo
RANK2nd Lieutenant
SQUADRON410th Bomb Squadron
GROUP94th Bomb Group
ARMY8th Air Force
DATE OF DEATH29 mai 1943wood otho tombe
PLACE OF DEATHLe Vivrais - Mont-Dol (Ille-et-Vilaine)
DATA PLANB-17 Fortress - type F-65-BO - s/n 42-29692 GL*R
"Man O War"
Mission: Rennes (35) maritime warehouses
Lift-Off: station 468 Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk UK
Shot down by flak

Map Brittany American Cemetery

Purple HeartPhoto FDLM
 8AIRFORCE   94bg410bs

 94bg stele

Memorial stone of 94th

Tail 94BG

B-17 Fortress - type F-65-BO - s/n 42-29692 GL*R

"Man O War"

1st Lieutenant Merle E BROWN Pilote Dead- Cim Brit Am St-James (50) - P.3.5 O-728821 - AM/PH - Minnesota USA
2nd Lieutenant Otho B< WOOD CoPilote Dead- Cim Brit Am St-James (50) - I.15.12 O-735721 - PH - California USA
1st Lieutenant Quentin L SANDAHL Navigateur Dead- Cim Brit Am St-James (50) - I.7.12 O-663414 - PH - California USA
1st Lieutenant William J O'BRIEN Bomb Dead- Cim Brit Am St-James (50) - I.14.12 O-661656 - AM/PH - Massachusetts USA
T/Sergeant Willis J DOW Mec/Mitrailleur Dead- Cim Brit Am St-James (50) - K.18.3 39306511 - AM/PH - Oregon USA
S/Sergeant Ralph E JOHNSON Radio Dead- Cim Brit Am St-James (50) - J.8.10 39082011 - AM/PH - California USA
T/Sergeant Edmond Martin HAMIC Mitrailleur

Dead- Cedar Hill Cem. Bessemer, Jefferson Co, Alabama USA -

23 ans  Bessemer, Alabama USA - Maried Hilda Matte (Parker) Hamic-Watkins

T/Sergeant Ambrose A CHOTT Mitrailleur Dead- Cim Brit Am St-James (50) - K.17.31 17035421 - AM/PH - Missouri USA
S/Sergeant Charles J GREGORY Mitrailleur Prisoner- 33059106 - Pennsylvania USA - Stalag 17B Braunau Gneikendorf
S/Sergeant Steve UKROPEN Mitrailleur Dead- Montrose Cem. Chicago, Cook Co, Illinois USA  Parents: Obran & Katie Ukropen - Chicago, Illinois USA

b17 b 17

  Memorial stone of the crash of B-17 Fortress fell in Mont Dol

(Picture Source : Aerosteles.net)

42 29692 stèle

8th Air Force


D-Day - Order of battle

U.S. Strategic Air Force: Lieutenant General Carl Spaatz Carl Spaatz

8th Air Force: Lieutenant General James H. Doolittle

1st Bombardment Division: Major General R. B. Williams
1st Bombardment Wing: Brigadier General William M. Gross
91st Bombardment Group (Bassingbourn airfield): Colonel Henry W. Terry
381st Bombardment Group (Ridgewell airfield): Colonel Harry P. Leber, Jr
398th Bombardment Group (Nuthampstead airfield): Colonel Frank P. Hunter, Jr
40th Bombardment Wing: Brigadier General Howard M. Turner
92nd Bombardment Group (Podington airfield): Colonel William M. Reid
305th Bombardment Group (Chelveston airfield): Colonel Ernest H. Lawson
306th Bombardment Group (Thurleigh airfield): Colonel George L. Robinson
41st Bombardment Wing: Brigadier General Robert F. Travis
303rd Bombardment Group (Molesworth airfield): Colonel Kermit D. Stevens
379th Bombardment Group (Kimbolton airfield): Colonel Maurice A. Preston
384th Bombardment Group (Grafton Underwood airfield): Colonel Dale O. Smith
94th Bombardment Wing: Brigadier General Julius K. Lacey
351st Bombardment Group (Polebrook airfield): Colonel Eugene A. Romig
401st Bombardment Group (Deenethorpe airfield): Colonel Harold W. Bowman
457th Bombardment Group (Glatton airfield): Colonel James R. Luper


2nd Bombardment Division: Major General J. P. Hodges
2nd Bombardment Wing (Hethel airfield): Brigadier General Edward J. Timberlake
389th Bombardment Group (Hethel airfield): Colonel Robert B. Miller
445th Bombardment Group (Tibenham airfield): Colonel Robert H. Terrill
453rd Bombardment Group (Old Buckenham airfield): Colonel Ramsay D. Potts, Jr
14th Bombardment Wing (Shipdham airfield): Brigadier General Leon W. Johnson
44th Bombardment Group (Shipdham airfield): Colonel John H. Gibson
392nd Bombardment Group (Wendling airfield): Colonel Irvine A. Rendle
492nd Bombardment Group (North Pickenham airfield): Colonel Eugene H. Snavely
20th Bombardment Wing (Hardwick airfield): Colonel Jack W. Wook
93rd Bombardment Group (Hardwick airfield): Colonel Leland G. Fiegel
446th Bombardment Group (Bungay airfield): Colonel Jacob J. Brogger
448th Bombardment Group (Seething airfield): Colonel Gerry L. Mason
95th Bombardment Wing (Halesworth airfield): Colonel Frederick R. Dent, Jr
489th Bombardment Group (Halesworth airfield): Colonel Ezekiel W. Napier
491st Bombardment Group (Metfield airfield): Lt. Colonel Carl T. Goldenburg
96th Bombardment Wing (Horsham St. Faith airfield): Brigadier General Walter R. Peck
458th Bombardment Group (Horsham St. Faith airfield): Colonel James H. Isbell
466th Bombardment Group (Attlebridge airfield): Colonel Arthur Pierce
467th Bombardment Group (Rackhealth airfield): Lt. Colonel Albert H. Shower


3rd Bombardment Division: Major General C. E. Le-May
4th Bombardment Wing: Brigadier General Frederick W. Castle
94th Bombardment Group (Bury St. Edmunds airfield): Colonel Charles B. Dougher
385th Bombardment Group (Great Ashfield airfield): Colonel Elliot Vandevanter
447th Bombardment Group (Rattlesden airfield): Colonel Hunter Harris, Jr
13th Bombardment Wing: Brigadier General Colonel Edgar M. Wittan
95th Bombardment Group (Horham airfield): Colonel Karl Truesdell
100th Bombardment Group (Thorpe Abbotts airfield): Colonel thomas S. Jeffrey
390th Bombardment Group (Framlingham airfield): Colonel Frederick W. Ott
45th Bombardment Wing: Brigadier General Archie J. Old Jr
96th Bombardment Group (Snetterton Heath airfield): Colonel James L. Travis
388th Bombardment Group (Knettishall airfield): Colonel William B. David
452nd Bombardment Group (Deopham Green airfield): Colonel Thetus C. Odom
92nd Bombardment Wing: Colonel Harold Q. Huglin
486th Bombardment Group (Sudbury airfield): Colonel Glendon P. Overing
487th Bombardment Group (Lavenham airfield): Colonel Robert Taylor III
93rd Bombardment Wing: Brigadier General John K. Gerhart
34th Bombardment Group (Mendlesham airfield): Lt. Colonel Ernest F. Wackwitz, Jr
490th Bombardment Group (Eye airfield): Colonel Lloyd H. Watnee
493rd Bombardment Group (Debach airfield): Colonel Elbert Helton


VIII Fighter Command: Major General W. E. Kepner
65th Fighter Wing (Saffron Walden airfield): Brigadier General Jesse Auton
4th Fighter Group (Debden airfield): Colonel Donald M. Blakeslee
56th Fighter Group (Boxted airfield): Colonel Hubert A. Zemke
355th Fighter Group (Steeple Morden airfield): Colonel William J. Cummings, Jr
356th Fighter Group (Martlesham airfield): Lt. Colonel Philip E. Tukey, Jr
479th Fighter Group (Wattisham airfield): Lt. Colonel Kyle L. Riddle
66th Fighter Wing (Sawston airfield): Brigadier General Murray C. Woodbury
55th Fighter Group (Wormingford airfield): Colonel George T. Crowell
78th Fighter Group (Duxford airfield): Colonel Frederick C. Gray, Jr
339th Fighter Group (Fowlmere airfield): Colonel Hohn B. Henry Jr
353rd Fighter Group (Raydon airfield): Colonel Glenn E. Duncan
357th Fighter Group (Leiston airfield): Colonel Donald W. Graham
67th Fighter Wing (Walcot Hall): Brigadier General Edward W. Anderson
20th Fighter Group (Kings Cliffe airfield): Lt. Colonel Harold Rau
352nd Fighter Group (Bodney airfield): Colonel Joe L. Mason
359th Fighter Group (East Wretham airfield): Colonel Avelin P. Tacon, Jr
361st Fighter Group (Bottisham airfield): Colonel Thomas J. J. Christian, Jr
364th Fighter Group (Honington airfield): Colonel Roy W. Osborn


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