REED Ollie W

reed ollie w
AGE47 yo
DATE OF BIRTH18 juillet 1896 à Comté de Norton KANSAS
FAMILYMaried: Mildred Marie BODDY REED
Son: Ollie W Junior & Théodore H
Parent: Orval & Mary REED
FONCTIONCommander 175th Infantry Regiment
JOB before ENLISTEMENTProfessor of military science at Drexel PHILADELPHIAKS
REGIMENT175th Infantry Regiment
DIVISION29th Infantry Division
DATE OF DEATHMortally wounded July 30, 1944 reed ollie tombe
PLACE OF DEATHSector crossroads of Villebaudon

Map Normandy American Cemetery

E 20 19
Purple Heart
Bronze Star + Olc
us army div 29 175ri

After high school graduation in 1915, Ollie refuses his appointment to the military academy of West Point to stay ready for his beloved, who became his wife Mildred.

He chose to study agriculture at the University of Kansas (State Agricultural College) in 1916.

Father's Ollie was a farmer.

In 1916 while he was in college, Ollie engages in the National Guard at the age of 24.

It's Lieutenant assigned to the 50th Infantry Regiment based in Niedermendiz GERMANY (in about 1920)

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In 1930 after World War Ollie returned to the Infantry School at Fort Benning, later he became professor of military science at Dexel PHILADELPHIA, Wentworth Military Academy in Lexington.

Then Command and Staff School at Fort Leavenworth

During the Japanese invasion Ollie is based in the Philippines.

Promoted to Colonel in June 1944, he participated in the battles for the liberation of St. Lo, the mission of his unit was taken from the heights of Martinville, thereby died or Major HOWIE

Since June 6, 1944 and landed the 29th Infantry Division, Colonel Paul R GOODE was captured.

June 11, 1944 his successor Lieutenant Colonel George ALEXANDER was wounded

June 17, 1944 Colonel William PURNELL said the interim before assigning Ollie June 23, 1944.

Ollie is placed at the head of the 175th Infantry Regiment.reed ollie w 1

Story of a July 30, 1944 at Villebaudon

Albert Pipet letter to the Mayor

.... The next day 30 July, the battle started up again towards the Tilandiere and Villebaudon ..... The truth totally one knew what was happening. But it was just the 2nd Panzer Division hastened Bretteville sur Laize who have spent Vire Tessy wanted to sweep all the American armored spikes to loosen the grip of units enclosed in the pocket Roncey and save them.

The armored spikes of 66 armored Regiment were well reached Villebaudon but behind them on the road was cut to Denisière by 20 German tanks who held that intersection (to the junction with the timber filled with German Soulles from Cerisy) He returned to the 29th Infantry Division down to Villebaudon to meet the US tanks and is the 175 RI REED Colonel who had this mission. They had barely taken a position that 7 enemy tanks dug lines, there were heavy losses and Colonel Reed was killed at the crossroads by shrapnel.

He commanded the regiment

Losses 175th Infantry Regiment of the 29th Infantry Division Villebaudon

29 July:

5 killed 53 wounded 2 missing

30 July:

74 killed 202 wounded 26 missing

31 July:

30 killed 171 wounded 5 missing

Name of colonel commanding the 175th Colonel Ollie W REED

In the history of this regiment, it is the highest losses, the 115th Infantry Regiment was also severely affected. (From the history of the 29th Infantry Division)

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reed ollie panneau la cambe
On this panel, it appears to be installed before 20 July 1944. However, between 17 and 20 July, Major General Charles Hunter Gerhardt orders the noted on the panel, in addition to the original text following:
"In command of this valiant Legion of the Blue and Gray is Lieutnant Colonel Terry T. (O-185851) INFANTRY, Who was killed in action 17 July 1944. Dated July 20.
The LTC William Terry controls the 1/175th Infantry Regiment killed at the beginning of the attack of 17 July at 14:30 / 15h on St Lô, along the road Bayeux / St Lô for listing 108. July 20, he is the highest ranking officer buried in this cemetery.
On 30 July, the Col Ollie REED W is the commander of the 175th Infantry Regiment, as it seeks to join the 1st 2nd Battalion of the 175th he is taken under fire from German artillery and was mortally wounded in the area of ​​the intersection of Villebaudon. Buried at La Cambe, he became the most senior officer of the cemetery.

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Colonel Ollie Reed W is buried in the American cemetery at Colleville beside his son Lieutenant Ollie Reed Jr W following the request of the family.
His son Ollie REED W Jr died in battle three weeks before his father, Ollie did not know his son had died when he even died.
W Ollie REED Jr was 1st Lieutnant he commanded a platoon of the 363rd Infantry Regiment of the 91st Infantry Division.
Ollie W Jr died during his second day of fighting in Italy July 6, 1944.

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