Elwood R. FAHS


fahs elwood r
AGE25 yo
STATENiagara County NEW YORK
Parent: Fred C & Martha W FAHS
Siblings: Harold E , Frederick Paul, Henry Elton, Gladys Fahs, Chester E, Louis D
RANKPrivate First Class
JOB before ENLISTEMENTSemiskilled occupations in fabrication of metal productsNY
DATE of ENLISTEMENT26 september 1942 Buffalo NEW YORK
SQUADRON15th Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron
BRIGADE1st Tank Destroyer Brigade
ARMY3rd Army
DATE OF DEATHAugust 15, 1944fahs elwood r tombe
PLACE OF DEATHLézardrieux, CÔTE D'ARMOR( Côte du Nord 1944)

Map St James American Cemetery

Purple HeartPhoto FDLM
European African Middle Eastern CampaignEAMECampaign
American Campaign Medalamerican campaign medal
World War II Victory Medalvictory medal
usaf 8air force 8air force

With the advent of the Second World War, the 15th was again called to service in March 1942, this time with new mounts, the armored car and tank.

After undergoing training at the Desert Training Center in California, the regiment sailed for the European Theater of Operations, arriving in Scotland in March 1944.

Here, the 15th was reorganized as the 15th Cavalry Group (Mechanized).

The group was composed of the 15th and 17th Reconnaissance Squadrons. 

The 15th Cavalry Group landed on Utah Beach on 5 July 1944 as part of Patton's Third Army.

The 15th served in four major campaigns in Europe: Normandy, Northern France, Rhineland, and Central Europe. 

The 15th Cavalry Group and its two squadrons fought as part of the Third Army, Ninth Army and was later assigned as a security force for several different divisions. 

The end of the war found the 15th deep inside Germany, covering over 1000 miles of enemy held territory since landing on the Continent began in June 1944.

When the war ended, the 15th Cavalry Group and its two squadrons had taken nearly 7 000 German prisoners and had destroyed 78 guns and 495 enemy vehicles.


Here are the Us losses of the 15th Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron in August 1944:
BAUM Spencer F PVT 12031545 NY 3-Aug-44
MOORE Leo A JR 1LT O-444572 MA 3-Aug-44
DOLLMAN Richard A PVT 36863581 MI 4-Aug-44
JONES Donald D TEC4 37132367 MO 4-Aug-44
ZERRENNER John E PVT 12037140 NY 6-Aug-44
HAMDEN Ira M TEC5 36166096 MI 9-Aug-44
IANNUZZI Jack J PVT 32754081 NJ 9-Aug-44
PALMATEER George P PVT 17028265 KS 9-Aug-44
STEWART Lloyd W SSGT 14031284 LA 9-Aug-44
WIBBEN Lloyd W SGT 17047239 SD 14-Aug-44
FAHS Elwood R PFC 32550701 NY 15-Aug-44
ANDREWS Gerard J SGT 6836077 MD 20-Aug-44
FURMANSKI Arthur L PFC 32472487 NY 20-Aug-44
ROCK Charles P PFC 32544939 NY 22-Aug-44
HOUSAND Nathan N PVT 34514252 SC 25-Aug-44
RICCHIO Albert PVT 32550738 NY 25-Aug-44
WALLMAN Otto L PVT 37028694 ND 25-Aug-44
WILLETT Carl R TEC5 6297427 OK 26-Aug-44

INFORMATION & PICTURE SOURCEAad.archives.gov - HonorStates.org - Find a Grave - 15th Cavalry reconnaissance Squadron - Photos : 1944 Les américains en Bretagne : Histoire&Collections - Lieuxdememoire22 - George WANN
PROGRAMMEURSFrédéric & Renaud
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