The association "Mémoire & Database" for the 76th anniversary of the D-Day offers you volume 2 of the book "PORTRAITS".
In this issue 2 you will find 69 portraits, 69 faces, 69 stories.

We propose a sale of this book at 17€.

For the shipment, you have different options since 5€.

You can buy it on our boutic : click here 



We have actually in database :

English portraits on the Colleville cemetery. English portraits on the Saint james cemetery.



1815  french portraits on the Colleville cemetery. 

940 french portraits on the Saint james cemetery.


And 290 archived records (Old site)


The Association "Memory & Database" search:

  • Translators (French-English).
  • History researchers.





i need you




The History (with a capital H) can’t be discovered as a novel.It hasn’t been written by one person, but by lots of actors, each one of them bringing a stone to its achievement, at his own level.

Our website « Database-Mémoire » pursues the goal of honoring these men who made the final sacrifice by giving their lives for our freedom.

Yes, the History represents the past, but it’s also what makes us who we are today.

Let’s never forget that if we can enjoy today this beautiful thing called FREEDOM, it’s mostly thanks to them.

Our goal through the creation of this website is to tell their own story, to try to give a face to those who rest under the crosses or are inscribed on the Walls of the Missing in the Normandy American cemeteries.

They were sons, fathers, husbands, fiancés, gone from their homeland, and who never came back.

Sometimes, we are lucky to meet their families. Every time, memorable moments.

Thanks to our sheets, we wish the visitors in these cemetries felt a little bit as if they had become relatives of these heroes. To never forget them, this is our goal.

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Visit the site regularly to see the latest entries. New soldiers are added to the base almost daily.

Thank you in advance