Thomas  Joseph  Mc CASLIN


mccaslin thomas
AGE26 yo
DATE OF BIRTH26 august 1918
FAMILYParent: George & Elizabeth McCASLIN
DATE of ENLISTEMENT3 january 1942 Fort Crook NEBRASKA
SQUADRON555th Bomb Squadron
GROUP386th Bomb Group
ARMY9th Air Force
DATE OF DEATH22 june 1944mccaslin thomas j tombe


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B-26 Marauder - type B-55-MA - s/n 42-96087


Mission: HeadQuarter Allemand from Caen (14)
Macr: 6283

Take Off: Station 164 Great Dunmow, Essex UK

Felled by the flak - Explosion in flight


Map Normandy American Cemetery

Wall of Missing

Air Medal + 11 OLC

Distinguished Flying Cross

Purple Heart



Photo FDLM

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McCaslin, a staff sergeant in the Army Air Forces, went missing in June 1944 over Caen, France, and was listed as dead in June 1945.

A gunner on a B-26 Marauder bomber, McCaslin held the Distinguished Flying Cross, awarded for  "resolute courage and heroism under fire," and the Air Medal with Oak Leaf  Clusters.

He was a graduate of Creighton Prep. 

A son of Mr. and Mrs. George McCaslin, he had five brothers who became Catholic priests and a sister who became a Sinsinawa Dominican nun. 


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 Honorary stele at Omaha Amateur Baseball 
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Crew of B-26 Marauder - type B-55-MA - s/n 42-96087 "YAO"

Lieutenant-Colonel Don L WEISS Pilot

Dead - Arlington Cem. Virginia

O-437629 - DFC/Air Medal+10/Purple Heart
1st Lieutenant Axel P SLUSTROP CoPilot

Dead - Arlington Cem. Virginia

O-738483 - DFC/Air Medal+9/Purple Heart
1st Lieutenant David MESEROW Bomber

Dead - Arlington Cem. Virginia

O-732880 - DFC/Air Medal+10/Purple Heart
1st Lieutenant George H HAZLETT Navigator

Dead - Arlington Cem. Virginia

O-794005 - DFC/Air Medal+11/Purple Heart
T/Sergeant Robert E PERKINS Gunner

Dead - Cim Air Medal Colleville-sur-Mer

33297432 - Air Medal+8/Purple Heart
S/Sergeant John H CANTY Gunner

Dead - Cim Air Medal Colleville-sur-Mer

11072858 - DFC/Air Medal/Purple Heart
S/Sergeant Thomas MCCASLIN Gunner

Dead - Cim Air Medal Colleville-sur-Mer

17038437 - DFC/Air Medal+11/Purple Heart
Capitaine Orville D THATCHER Passager Dead O-356255 - IOWA - Médecin
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The bones of an American soldier returned to the United States The bones and the identification plate of a US soldier from the Second World War were recently discovered south of Caen.

They were returned to US authorities.

It is not unusual to find bones dating from the Second World War around Caen. Yesterday, at the entrance of Evrecy, bones of an American soldier were discovered on a construction site. He was probably killed in the fighting on Hill 112.

About two months ago, it was in another commune in the south of Caen that a British enthusiast of military history, commissioned to search for pilots who died during the Second World War, discovered bones accompanied by
an identification plate.

According to the number written on it, it is a member of the crew of an American plane of the 386th Bomb Group, the B 26 B-55-Marauder, (serial number 42-96087, code YA-O).

This gunner took off from an American base in Great Britain, June 22, 1944 and had the mission to bomb a German staff on Caen.

 mccaslin thomas cany

While flying over Caen, he is hit by the Flak (German DCA) with a direct hit.

The projectile crosses the plane and causes its explosion in full flight. The crews of the other aircraft of the formation are witnesses of the fall of its debris.

The bodies of four crew members, including the pilot, are found and buried at Arllington Military Cemetery. Two others are a little later, but the last member of the éqiupage was not found. Until recently…

Yesterday Thursday, a delegation of the American Consulate, based in Rennes, accompanied by representatives of the State Secretariat for Defense, recovered the remains of Sub-Sergeant John H Canty, B 26 B YA-O gunner, in the premises of the gendarmerie brigade of Evrecy.

The bones will be surveyed at a US Army research center in Hawaii. Then they will be given to the family or buried in an American cemetery, such as Colleville-sur-Mer.

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INFORMATION & PHOTO - - - Frédéric LAVERNHE -  Omaha World Herald -
PROGRAMMERFrédéric & Renaud