Frank Jacob TOMER


AGE23 yo
DATE OF BIRTH20 October 1920
Corona, Riverside County, CALIFORNIA
FAMILYMarried: Faye Louise (Tomer) Holman TURNER
Parents: John Frank & Beulah Ray SNIDER STALLINGS
Siblings: Joseph Russell TOMER
RANKSecond Lieutenant
 SQUADRON67th Bomber Squadron
 GROUP44th Bomber Group, Heavy
ARMY8th US Air Force
DATE OF DEATH25 May 1944TOMER Frank J tombe
PLACE OF DEATHNear Erchau, 30 kilometers southwest of St Quentin

 B-24 Liberator - type H-20-FO - s/n 42-94962 NB*I "962"


Macr: 5158

Mission: Belfort (90)

Take Off Station 115 Shipdham, Norfolk UK

All bodies were originally buried in Ercheu

Shots by the flak

Partial evacuation at 10000 feet around 08h30 just before explosion in flight


Map of Normandy American Cemetery


Purple Heart

World War II Victory Medal


Photo FDLM

victory medal


usaf  8air force  44bg 67bs

Crew of B-24 Liberator - type H-20-FO - s/n 42-94962 NB*I


2nd Lieutenant Frank J  TOMER Pilot Dead Cim Am Colleville-sur-Mer PH - Born the 20/10/1920 à Corona, CALIFORNIA
nd Lieutenant James E  SANDERS CoPilot Dead Cim Am Colleville-sur-Mer PH - Bryan, OHIO
2nd Lieutenant Quinton A FRANSON Navigator Dead Sedgwick Cem. Sedgwick, COLORADO 23 yo (Born the 29/11/1920) - Sedgwick, COLORADO
2nd Lieutenant Bertis R PRINCE Bomber Dead Odd Fellows Cem. McLeansboro, ILLINOIS 23 yo- Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA
S/Sergeant Kenneth C NAVISH Mechanic/Gunner Dead   35052331 - Cleveland, OHIO - Initially buried at the Cim Com d'Ercheu (80)
S/Sergeant Ervin KATZ Radio/Gunner Dead   16144626 - Chicago, ILLINOIS - Initially buried at the Cim Com d'Ercheu (80)
Sergeant Willis Lewis STEBURG Gunner Prisoner - Stalag Luft 4 Gross-Tychow -   19063345 - Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA
Sergeant Homer A  THURMAN Gunner Dead Cim Am Colleville-sur-Mer 37211941 - PH - Turner, KANSAS
Sergeant William F BROSE Gunner Escaped   12203454 - Fords, NEW JERSEY - Found by Dr Puch de Ham, then Mr Rota de Beaumont-en-Beine (02) then Mr Roland of Villeselve (60) until the Liberation
Sergeant Eldon Byron ANDERSON Gunner Prisoner - Stalag Luft 4 Gross-Tychow -   18029464 - Stantford, TEXAS

Primary target was the Belfort Marshalling Yards located on the main railroad line between Paris and Switzerland, and only ten miles from the Swiss border.

Flak was meager and slightly accurate and the fighter support was excellent.

Yet one 67th Squadron aircraft was lost.

The MACR states in part that at 0842 hours, this aircraft (962 I-Bar) left formation, went into a steep dive with #2 engine feathered and #3 engine smoking. It apparently was under control and seemed to be headed for Switzerland. Weather was good. All three survivors have been located. Sgt. Anderson, tail turret gunner, said, “After we left the formation, we flew around a bit trying to decide what to do with our bombs.

We finally found a big, open space and let them go. We then discussed what to do – to go on to Switzerland, which wasn’t that far away, or to attempt to make it back to England. “By that time we were down to about 10,000 feet due to those ailing engines, but thought that with luck, we could get back to base.

We flew at this altitude because we couldn’t get any higher – and were prime targets for the German flak batteries. Eventually we were hit again by flak, and this time I believe it was the nose section because the plane started falling at once.

Those of us in the back never heard anything from up front over the intercom, but it was time to get out. I was the first one out, Brose was right behind me, and Steburg was last. But about the time that he was leaving, there was an explosion, and Steburg was pretty badly burned. “I broke my ankle when I hit the ground so had no chance to attempt evading.

But the last time that I saw Brose, he was heading for a forest. We were in the county of Champagne, France, about 60 miles west of Paris.

The doomed plane went straight to the ground carrying the rest of our crew to their deaths. It exploded again and burned.

“Steburg and myself were at Stalag Luft IV until February 1945, when I was marched out and was liberated May 12th. I never knew what happened to Brose and am happy to learn that he made it.”

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44bgh patch

B 24 Liberator


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