Cabaniss Walter M. Second Lieutenant O1292654 U.S. Army Texas
Cahill Richard G. Sergeant 32563054 U.S. Army New Jersey
Cahoon Gomez B. Major O-398851 U.S. Army Idaho
Caiazzo Henry N. Private First Class 32636480 U.S. Army New York
Cairncross James A. Technician Fifth Grade 39329726 U.S. Army Oregon
Calabrese Robert A. Private First Class 36572514 U.S. Army Michigan
Calder Robert J. Captain O-435052 U.S. Army Washington
Caldwell Paul D. Captain O1167353 U.S. Army Missouri
Caler Charles   Private First Class 32671356 U.S. Army New York
Calhoun Aquilla A. Captain O-417298 U.S. Army Florida
Calhoun Isaac   Private 34568657 U.S. Army Georgia
Califf John W. Staff Sergeant 36065479 U.S. Army Illinois
Calkins William H. Private First Class 11067056 U.S. Army New Jersey
Call David B. Private First Class 36512049 U.S. Army Michigan
Call Robert E. Private 35763451 U.S. Army West Virginia
Callahan George S. Private First Class 36765523 U.S. Army Illinois
Callahan Robert C. Private 37512649 U.S. Army Kansas
Callarino Aldo J. Private 31370144 U.S. Army Massachusetts
Calloway Alton L. Private First Class 38020662 U.S. Army Oklahoma
Calloway James R. Private First Class 34599686 U.S. Army North Carolina
Calva Rafael   Staff Sergeant 39288372 U.S. Army California
Calvano Dominick   Private First Class 32804449 U.S. Army New York
Cameron Gerard E. Staff Sergeant 31030719 U.S. Army Massachusetts
Cameron Lynn T. Staff Sergeant 17040903 U.S. Army Air Forces Nebraska
Camp Billy W. Private 38682635 U.S. Army Texas
Camp Ernest M. Staff Sergeant 34734642 U.S. Army Tennessee
Campbell Harold H. Private First Class 35879102 U.S. Army Ohio
Campbell Jeff R. Private 14019002 U.S. Army Florida
Campbell John C. First Lieutenant O-747376 U.S. Army Air Forces North Dakota
Campbell Joseph D. Technician Fifth Grade 37156205 U.S. Army Missouri
Campbell Robert L. Major O-406707 U.S. Army Air Forces Texas
Campbell Russell J. Staff Sergeant 31153912 U.S. Army Maine
Campbell Thomas E. Sergeant 20757504 U.S. Army Arkansas
Campbell Wallace W. Private First Class 38130846 U.S. Army Oklahoma
Campbell William F. Technical Sergeant 7006393 U.S. Army South Carolina
Camper Henry M. Staff Sergeant 33530029 U.S. Army Virginia
Campion Ralph W. Technician Fifth Grade 36583807 U.S. Army Michigan
Campo Angel J. Private 12025882 U.S. Army New York
Candela Charles A. Private First Class 35917920 U.S. Army Ohio
Canella Keith E. First Lieutenant O-025473 U.S. Army Air Forces California
Canfield Frank E. Technical Sergeant 20361717 U.S. Army Virginia
Canine Carol E. Technician Third Grade 35254572 U.S. Army Indiana
Cannon Carroll L. Sergeant 37512039 U.S. Army Arkansas
Cantlebary William T. Private First Class 35070566 U.S. Army Ohio
Canup Avery W. Sergeant 34307675 U.S. Army North Carolina
Capelli Mike   Technical Sergeant 33183982 U.S. Army Pennsylvania
Capels John G. Private 38584090 U.S. Army California
Cappelletti Mike J. Staff Sergeant 39190019 U.S. Army Air Forces Washington
Caprara Alfred J. Private First Class 34973052 U.S. Army Florida
Caputo Albert S. Staff Sergeant 33143927 U.S. Army Pennsylvania
Caraccio Frank   Staff Sergeant 36551830 U.S. Army Michigan
Caramadre Pasquale A. Private First Class 32253132 U.S. Army New York
Caramanico Nicholas   Private 33791282 U.S. Army Pennsylvania
Caras Peter M. Private 35236412 U.S. Army Ohio
Carbone Michael V. Technical Sergeant 32020146 U.S. Army New York
Carbonnell James A. Sergeant 39839998 U.S. Army Air Forces California
Cardenas Rosendo   Private First Class 38057866 U.S. Army Texas
Carder Samuel W. Major O-327832 U.S. Army Air Forces Vermont
Carella Vincent   Private 32798998 U.S. Army New York
Carey Henry W. Sergeant 31266854 U.S. Army Massachusetts
Carl William H. Private 39281594 U.S. Army California
Carleton Robert H. Private 39714411 U.S. Army California
Carley Ray R. Private First Class 35835208 U.S. Army Ohio
Carlisle Lester C. Private First Class 34539296 U.S. Army Florida
Carlone Antonio   Private 31242993 U.S. Army Rhode Island
Carlson Harold R. Private First Class 12216715 U.S. Army New York
Carlson Merlyn L. Private First Class 37508237 U.S. Army Kansas
Carlson Norman D. First Lieutenant O-760155 U.S. Army Air Forces Illinois
Carlson Owen K. Private First Class 36251404 U.S. Army Wisconsin
Carlson Russell W. Staff Sergeant 42007913 U.S. Army New Jersey
Carlton Herbert J. First Sergeant 18031897 U.S. Army Oklahoma
Carlton Marvin L. Private First Class 34678695 U.S. Army North Carolina
Carman Earl L. Private 36214984 U.S. Army Wisconsin
Carman William R. Staff Sergeant 36475684 U.S. Army Air Forces Illinois
Carnright Charles S. Private First Class 32858671 U.S. Army New York
Caron Roger H. Private First Class 31374905 U.S. Army New Hampshire
Carpenter Charles E. Sergeant 6939974 U.S. Army Minnesota
Carpenter Francis F. Private First Class 36413217 U.S. Army Michigan
Carpenter Francis M. Gunner's Mate Third Class 8848490 U.S. Navy Nevada
Carpentieri John J. Private 42097140 U.S. Army New York
Carr J. C. Private 34814813 U.S. Army Arkansas
Carraro William J. Second Lieutenant O-678680 U.S. Army Air Forces Kentucky
Carrier Vaughn N. Sergeant 15083721 U.S. Army Indiana
Carriger Arlis G. Private First Class 39691773 U.S. Army California
Carroll Thomas J. Technician Fifth Grade 33682838 U.S. Army Pennsylvania
Carson John S. Sergeant 36505010 U.S. Army Michigan
Carson Robert   Staff Sergeant 35329302 U.S. Army Ohio
Carter Hollis W. Private 36782973 U.S. Army Illinois
Carter Jake P. Staff Sergeant 34608352 U.S. Army North Carolina
Carter Lavernon C. Second Lieutenant O1109849 U.S. Army Georgia
Carter Roy   Private First Class 34786735 U.S. Army Florida
Carter Sherman   Private First Class 35874594 U.S. Army Ohio
Carty James J. Private First Class 13123498 U.S. Army Pennsylvania
Caruso Gerado W. Private First Class 31237457 U.S. Army Massachusetts
Caruvana Joseph   Private 32531567 U.S. Army New York
Carver John A. Private First Class 38422720 U.S. Army Texas
Carwile Melvin   Staff Sergeant 15046219 U.S. Army Kentucky
Cary Robert L. First Lieutenant O1308471 U.S. Army New York
Cary Ruffart   Private First Class 38491545 U.S. Army Louisiana
Casaretti Victor F. Corporal 32208975 U.S. Army New York
Casatelli Joseph J. Staff Sergeant 33568984 U.S. Army Air Forces Pennsylvania
Case Lyle O. Private 37674782 U.S. Army Iowa
Casella Joseph S. Staff Sergeant 32532167 U.S. Army Air Forces New York
Casey William E. Sergeant 32221652 U.S. Army New York
Casey William R. J. Private 33591883 U.S. Army Pennsylvania
Cassady Robert D. Private First Class 20911573 U.S. Army California
Castillo Ramon D. Private First Class 38671847 U.S. Army Texas
Castle John C. Private 35072353 U.S. Army Ohio
Castleberry Clarence   Private First Class 38668015 U.S. Army Arkansas
Caston Victor   Second Lieutenant O1996072 U.S. Army Air Forces California
Castonguay Raymond J. Staff Sergeant 31378806 U.S. Army Connecticut
Castriciano John S. Private First Class 31062560 U.S. Army Massachusetts
Castronova Nicholas   Private 36910214 U.S. Army Illinois
Catalano Achille P. Sergeant 32919289 U.S. Army New Jersey
Catalano Frank T. Private First Class 31309137 U.S. Army Massachusetts
Cather Holt S. Corporal 39006114 U.S. Army California
Caton Edward L. Sergeant 15334295 U.S. Army Air Forces Indiana
Cattell Herbert D. Private First Class 36776408 U.S. Army Illinois
Cauley Calvin M. Technician Fifth Grade 33536952 U.S. Army Virginia
Caulk Charles R. Private 38627597 U.S. Army Texas
Caverly Jack M. Private 39216905 U.S. Army Washington
Cavin Lee R. Technical Sergeant 36075128 U.S. Army Illinois
Ceimo Alphonse J. Private 32590182 U.S. Army New Jersey
Cepar Andrew   Sergeant 32193950 U.S. Army New Jersey
Cero Eddie M. Private 37447909 U.S. Army Iowa
Cessna Dale E. Sergeant 36738447 U.S. Army Illinois
Chadwick Maurice M. Corporal 36584605 U.S. Army Michigan
Chagnon Leon P. Sergeant 11032493 U.S. Army Air Forces Massachusetts
Chagolla Antonio V. Private First Class 35342237 U.S. Army Texas
Chamberlain Willard   Private First Class 35897951 U.S. Army Indiana
Chambers Charles J. Staff Sergeant 36734469 U.S. Army Illinois
Chambers Herbert D. Private First Class 34974696 U.S. Army Georgia
Chambers James W. Private 38528947 U.S. Army Texas
Chambers Leslie R. Private 32606698 U.S. Army New Jersey
Chambers Mylett E. Technician Fourth Grade 32584042 U.S. Army New York
Champagne Leon J. Private 31428645 U.S. Army Massachusetts
Chan Henry H. Private First Class 39029950 U.S. Army California
Chandler J. D. Corporal 18032685 U.S. Army Oklahoma
Chandler Thomas W. First Lieutenant O-020375 U.S. Army Tennessee
Chapman Chancey R. Private 35780886 U.S. Army West Virginia
Chapman Cleatus   Private First Class 35899297 U.S. Army Indiana
Chapman Gerald C. Second Lieutenant O-815581 U.S. Army Air Forces Massachusetts
Chapman Lester I.       Illinois
Charles Frank R. First Lieutenant O1552248 U.S. Army Texas
Charles Leonard L. Private 33881692 U.S. Army Virginia
Charleville Robert J. Private 38490942 U.S. Army Louisiana
Charley Richard   Private First Class 39419863 U.S. Army California
Charrette Joseph E. Sergeant 31061105 U.S. Army Rhode Island
Chausse Alphonse R. Private 11024460 U.S. Army Massachusetts
Chavarria Marcos L. Private First Class 39704097 U.S. Army California
Chaves Charles H. Technician Fifth Grade 31372023 U.S. Army Massachusetts
Chavez Saturnino   Staff Sergeant 18035297 U.S. Army Air Forces New Mexico
Chavez Siprano   Private 38607407 U.S. Army Texas
Chayt Albert I. Private First Class 32960096 U.S. Army New York
Chaytor Clarence G. Private First Class 36534586 U.S. Army Michigan
Cheney Victor W. Staff Sergeant 33314950 U.S. Army Maine
Cherney Robert H. First Lieutenant O-447522 U.S. Army Oregon
Chesney Robert E. Private First Class 17140705 U.S. Army Minnesota
Chestang Frederick A. Private 34271298 U.S. Army Alabama
Chevalier Emile E. Private First Class 31287366 U.S. Army Massachusetts
Cheyne Charles O. Corporal 38065906 U.S. Army Texas
Chiamack Christopher   Private First Class 33688093 U.S. Army Pennsylvania
Chidester Paul B. Private First Class 37621622 U.S. Army Missouri
Chilson Olen L. Sergeant 6713692 U.S. Army Pennsylvania
Chippas Philip D. Private 36706455 U.S. Army Illinois
Chism Christopher M. Technical Sergeant 33327770 U.S. Army Air Forces Pennsylvania
Choat Jessie B. Sergeant 38017249 U.S. Army Oklahoma
Chodnicki Ambrose   Private 33615895 U.S. Army Pennsylvania
Chrisman James R. Staff Sergeant 35410903 U.S. Army Ohio
Christensen Jack N. Second Lieutenant O-516204 U.S. Army Nebraska
Christensen Marvin L. Private First Class 36641867 U.S. Army Illinois
Christensen Myron R. Private First Class 36802501 U.S. Army Wisconsin
Christensen William   Private 42061010 U.S. Army New York
Christian Lawrence M. Private First Class 32761792 U.S. Army New Jersey
Christian William B. First Lieutenant O-524376 U.S. Army California
Christians George S. Private First Class 34509825 U.S. Army Tennessee
Christman Robert L. Sergeant 19186994 U.S. Army California
Christopherson Josep   Private First Class 37595554 U.S. Army Minnesota
Christy Robert E. Private 44036191 U.S. Army Georgia
Chrudimsky Vernon A. Private First Class 36829379 U.S. Army Wisconsin
Churm Paul K. Sergeant 36727794 U.S. Army Air Forces Illinois
Chyka Joseph W. Private First Class 33714987 U.S. Army Pennsylvania
Cicchetti Louis A. Staff Sergeant 32194246 U.S. Army New York
Ciccone John A. Private 12136007 U.S. Army New Jersey
Ciers Charles W. Private 32849466 U.S. Army New York
Cihlar Frederick F. Private 35046344 U.S. Army Ohio
Cioffi Clement J. Private First Class 31376267 U.S. Army New Hampshire
Cira Julius F. Private First Class 36808097 U.S. Army Wisconsin
Cito Joseph T. Sergeant 32608113 U.S. Army New Jersey
Ciupak Henry J. Private First Class 36867068 U.S. Army Michigan
Civita Vito R. Private 36592618 U.S. Army New York
Civitano Joseph   Private 12175601 U.S. Army New York
Clack Edward E. Sergeant 38390244 U.S. Army Louisiana
Clark Bradley B. Second Lieutenant O-823027 U.S. Army Air Forces New York
Clark Charles L. Private First Class 39214752 U.S. Army Washington
Clark Charles W. Private 35241952 U.S. Army Indiana
Clark George A. Private First Class 35024615 U.S. Army Ohio
Clark George N. Second Lieutenant O-742286 U.S. Army Air Forces Indiana
Clark Hugh G. Staff Sergeant 35509148 U.S. Army Kentucky
Clark Irving F. First Lieutenant O-668049 U.S. Army Air Forces Maine
Clark James H. Private First Class 38292613 U.S. Army Arkansas
Clark Lorin G. Private First Class 31309520 U.S. Army Massachusetts
Clark Louis A. Sergeant 37531164 U.S. Army Missouri
Clark Ned   Private 35428865 U.S. Army West Virginia
Clark Robert J. Private 36652080 U.S. Army Illinois
Clark Virgil   Private First Class 34342965 U.S. Army Mississippi
Clarke Allen W. Private 35682344 U.S. Army Ohio
Clarke William D. First Lieutenant O-661192 U.S. Army Air Forces California
Clarkson Arthur L. Private 32663700 U.S. Army New York
Clary Cecil T. Captain O-363500 U.S. Army New Mexico
Class Harold C. Private First Class 37570835 U.S. Army Minnesota
Clatterbuck Mercer W. Sergeant 33628038 U.S. Army Virginia
Claunch James O. Staff Sergeant 38588058 U.S. Army Oklahoma
Claypoole Wallace R. Staff Sergeant 35873350 U.S. Army New York
Clemens Ernest G. Technician Fourth Grade 37310458 U.S. Army North Dakota
Clemens Melvin R. First Lieutenant O1291590 U.S. Army Texas
Clement Julian   Private First Class 34795891 U.S. Army Georgia
Clements Maurice E. Technician Fifth Grade 37120090 U.S. Army Nebraska
Clements William J. Second Lieutenant O1016366 U.S. Army New York
Clemons Clark F. Private 12081922 U.S. Army New York
Clevenger Russell H. Second Lieutenant O-719560 U.S. Army Air Forces New Jersey
Cline Calvin C. Private First Class 15047421 U.S. Army Kentucky
Cline David H. Private First Class 34679120 U.S. Army North Carolina
Cline Herbert G. Private First Class 37385164 U.S. Army Montana
Clinger Dallas B. Technician Fourth Grade 39298053 U.S. Army California
Clohessy Louis B. Private First Class 36687634 U.S. Army Illinois
Clolinger Jack   Private First Class 34811057 U.S. Army Alabama
Clonts James H. Sergeant 14039353 U.S. Army Tennessee
Closterides John N. Private First Class 16172421 U.S. Army Illinois
Clyburn Clifford J. Major O-415773 U.S. Army Texas
Coats Arthur J. Private First Class 34971024 U.S. Army Alabama
Coats Melvin L. Private 38711185 U.S. Army Oklahoma
Cobb Harry F. Private 34185109 U.S. Army Tennessee
Cobb Raymond L. Colonel O-022445 U.S. Army Air Forces Texas
Cobb Rollie D. Staff Sergeant 35724962 U.S. Army Indiana
Coble Howard G. Private 34895383 U.S. Army North Carolina
Cochran Charles W. L. Private First Class 38433405 U.S. Army Texas
Cochrane George R. Sergeant 31374091 U.S. Army New Hampshire
Cockrill Elijah L. Second Lieutenant O-699140 U.S. Army Air Forces Tennessee
Coe Donald W. Technician Fifth Grade 35098763 U.S. Army Indiana
Coe James   Private First Class 38174992 U.S. Army Mississippi
Coe William J. Technical Sergeant 13157796 U.S. Army Air Forces New York
Coffey James E. Private First Class 34882090 U.S. Army Kentucky
Cofield Curtis H. Major O-383708 U.S. Army Air Forces California
Cohen Harold   Private 12238659 U.S. Army New York
Cohen Herman   Sergeant 31035724 U.S. Army Air Forces Massachusetts
Cohen Louis   Private 32814968 U.S. Army New York
Coker Thomas J. Private 34912768 U.S. Army Florida
Colburn Jasper T. Private First Class 34916120 U.S. Army Alabama
Cole Bert   Private First Class 33090552 U.S. Army Virginia
Cole Eugene E. Technician Fifth Grade 31109460 U.S. Army New Hampshire
Cole Hood E. Private First Class 34834714 U.S. Army Georgia
Cole John P. Private 34799461 U.S. Army Florida
Coleman James M. Second Lieutenant O-687549 U.S. Army Air Forces Texas
Coleman Merle G. Seaman Second Class 8566396 U.S. Navy Ohio
Coleman Thomas H. Private First Class 34787771 U.S. Army Florida
Colendich Nicholas M. Private 39142836 U.S. Army California
Colhouer Herbert E. S. Private First Class 33902958 U.S. Army Maryland
Colinan George H. Major O-475506 U.S. Army Rhode Island
Collins James G. Private First Class 34980490 U.S. Army Georgia
Collins Leo A. Private First Class 20326552 U.S. Army Pennsylvania
Collins Robert J. Private First Class 35130778 U.S. Army Ohio
Collins Robert J. Sergeant 33232400 U.S. Army Air Forces Pennsylvania
Collins Vincent J. Staff Sergeant 32955988 U.S. Army New Jersey
Collins William F. Private 33655848 U.S. Army Virginia
Colton George D. Private First Class 12211806 U.S. Army New Jersey
Combrinck+graham W. L. First Lieutenant O-887870 U.S. Army Air Forces New York
Conant Adam L. Private First Class 6278305 U.S. Army Texas
Conaway Elmer L. Private First Class 39023503 U.S. Army California
Condiff Calvin G. Private 42081966 U.S. Army Delaware
Condley Mack E. Private First Class 33852590 U.S. Army Virginia
Conley Ed   Private 35660262 U.S. Army West Virginia
Conlon Anthony R. Private First Class 32454890 U.S. Army Air Forces New Jersey
Conlon William H. Staff Sergeant 37187065 U.S. Army Missouri
Conner Charles H. Private 13153273 U.S. Army Pennsylvania
Conner John R. Captain O1283377 U.S. Army Tennessee
Conner Pete   Private 35477115 U.S. Army Kentucky
Conner Roy B. Private First Class 38127933 U.S. Army Oklahoma
Conner Wilfred H. First Lieutenant O1307373 U.S. Army Illinois
Conner William M. Private 35760940 U.S. Army West Virginia
Conners Herrick A. Captain O-445531 U.S. Army California
Connors Raymond P. Private First Class 32932583 U.S. Army New York
Conway Michael J. Private First Class 12077194 U.S. Army New Jersey
Conway Richard J. Private First Class 37675752 U.S. Army Iowa
Cook Edward D. Private 37630665 U.S. Army Missouri
Cook Floyd R. First Lieutenant O-747217 U.S. Army Air Forces Minnesota
Cook George L. Second Lieutenant O1328328 U.S. Army Minnesota
Cook Harold A. Private 33774915 U.S. Army Pennsylvania
Cook Jasper L. Private 37644976 U.S. Army Iowa
Cook John A. Second Lieutenant O-763958 U.S. Army Air Forces Idaho
Cook Ralph E. Private First Class 36896760 U.S. Army Michigan
Cook Ralph R. Technical Sergeant 6578215 U.S. Army Air Forces New Mexico
Cook Robert C. First Lieutenant O1291955 U.S. Army Ohio
Cook Roy E. Captain O1285553 U.S. Army California
Cook Theodore L. Corporal 37526724 U.S. Army Kansas
Cooley Frank W. Second Lieutenant O-770090 U.S. Army Air Forces California
Cooley Norman L. Private First Class 34331921 U.S. Army Alabama
Coomer Raymond B. Sergeant 15042580 U.S. Army Kentucky
Coon Henry J. Staff Sergeant 12004721 U.S. Army New York
Coon Junior L. Private 34814032 U.S. Army Alabama
Cooney Edward W. Second Lieutenant O-763078 U.S. Army Air Forces California
Cooney Thomas A. Private First Class 33247376 U.S. Army Pennsylvania
Cooper Donald W. Second Lieutenant O-746048 U.S. Army Air Forces Illinois
Cooper Earl T. First Lieutenant O-667950 U.S. Army Air Forces California
Cooper Isaac J. Private 35759375 U.S. Army West Virginia
Cooper John G. Private 36890047 U.S. Army Michigan
Cooper Oliver J. Private 36896826 U.S. Army Michigan
Cooper Raymond W. Private 35848829 U.S. Army West Virginia
Cooper Robert J. Second Lieutenant O-707664 U.S. Army Air Forces Illinois
Cooper Seth R. Corporal 32170391 U.S. Army New York
Copeland Clyde   Private First Class 6290027 U.S. Army Texas
Corbin Frank A. Private First Class 38578164 U.S. Army Texas
Corbitt Deal R. Private First Class 38478344 U.S. Army Texas
Corcoran Earle E. Private 39286307 U.S. Army California
Corey John A. Sergeant 36827400 U.S. Army Wisconsin
Corley John R. Private 42036848 U.S. Army New York
Cormier Armand J. Sergeant 31068729 U.S. Army Massachusetts
Cormier Howard L. Private 31403038 U.S. Army Vermont
Cornelius James E. Technician Fourth Grade 38336161 U.S. Army Louisiana
Corrion Glenn R. Private 36986022 U.S. Army Michigan
Corso Americo   First Lieutenant O1183046 U.S. Army Massachusetts
Corson Woodrow O. Technician Fifth Grade 7032842 U.S. Army Michigan
Corvin Estle E. Private First Class 33660153 U.S. Army Virginia
Cosgrove Robert J. Corporal 13151014 U.S. Army Air Forces New Jersey
Costa James   Private 36947323 U.S. Army Illinois
Costantino John C. Technician Fourth Grade 32842135 U.S. Army New York
Cote Roger E. First Sergeant 11084219 U.S. Army New Hampshire
Cote Wilfred S. Technical Sergeant 31107934 U.S. Army New Hampshire
Cothran Robert T. Private First Class 35710410 U.S. Army Kentucky
Cotter Francis L. Technical Sergeant 17041062 U.S. Army Iowa
Cotter James M. Private First Class 39331914 U.S. Army Oregon
Cottle Amos M. Second Lieutenant O1185214 U.S. Army Kansas
Cottle Harold P. Private First Class 35779053 U.S. Army West Virginia
Coulter George D. Private 36959773 U.S. Army Michigan
Counts Winiferd U. Staff Sergeant 37606662 U.S. Army Missouri
Cox Carl   Private 37734436 U.S. Army Missouri
Cox Clyde E. Private 34917388 U.S. Army Alabama
Cox Orville L. Private First Class 34509343 U.S. Army Tennessee
Coy Edward C. Technician Fifth Grade 32289718 U.S. Army New York
Coyer Rollin B. Private 35298553 U.S. Army Ohio
Coyne John H. Lieutenant Junior Grade O-145728 U.S. Navy Illinois
Coyne William J. Private First Class 32687117 U.S. Army New York
Crabtree James M. Staff Sergeant 35277406 U.S. Army Ohio
Crabtree Paul B. First Lieutenant O1308224 U.S. Army Tennessee
Craig Marc J. Technical Sergeant 32002275 U.S. Army New York
Crandall Howard L. Technician Fifth Grade 34164923 U.S. Army Alabama
Cravens Smith H. Sergeant 36060270 U.S. Army Illinois
Craw Arthur Burton Corporal 32939310 U.S. Army New York
Crawford Charles M. Corporal 39322752 U.S. Army Oregon
Crawford George W. Technical Sergeant 36197849 U.S. Army Michigan
Crawford R. C. Private 34827863 U.S. Army Georgia
Crawford Richard E. Staff Sergeant 6959092 U.S. Army Texas
Crawford Woodrow W. Private First Class 32327052 U.S. Army New York
Crayton Kenneth C. Private 6640037 U.S. Army West Virginia
Creader Joseph L. Corporal 6959213 U.S. Army Texas
Creech Clarence   Private First Class 35267664 U.S. Army Kentucky
Creety Edmond P. Private 39211552 U.S. Army Washington
Cribbs Clair G. Corporal 33573521 U.S. Army Pennsylvania
Crites Andrew I. Staff Sergeant 37154656 U.S. Army Kansas
Crocker John L. Staff Sergeant 35329318 U.S. Army Ohio
Crockett John L. Corporal 31309966 U.S. Army Massachusetts
Cromwell L. Mont R. Private First Class 36783367 U.S. Army Illinois
Crosby Durrel E. Private First Class 37473965 U.S. Army Nebraska
Cross Howard A. Technician Fifth Grade 38395486 U.S. Army Texas
Crossland Arthur W. J. Private First Class 44025156 U.S. Army South Carolina
Croswell Milton N. Private First Class 42080658 U.S. Army New Jersey
Crouch Clinton W. Private First Class 36751583 U.S. Army Illinois
Crowe Francis D. Technical Sergeant 35791371 U.S. Army Ohio
Crownhart Max L. Private 36992746 U.S. Army Wisconsin
Cruciani Alfred   Private First Class 31112152 U.S. Army Rhode Island
Crumbley Calvin C. Technical Sergeant 34686327 U.S. Army Air Forces Georgia
Crump Alva L. Staff Sergeant 37187727 U.S. Army Missouri
Crumpler Woodard W. Private 34456066 U.S. Army North Carolina
Cruse Wayne C. Private First Class 38391564 U.S. Army Louisiana
Cudworth Elmer L. First Lieutenant O-819760 U.S. Army Air Forces New York
Cullen Lawrence P. Private First Class 36760257 U.S. Army Illinois
Culler Boyce G. Private 39716670 U.S. Army California
Cully John C. Private 36905765 U.S. Army Illinois
Culp Ira O. Sergeant 35331521 U.S. Army Michigan
Culpepper John C. Private 34973429 U.S. Army Georgia
Culver Cecil D. Private First Class 6948665 U.S. Army Tennessee
Cumming Albert S. Technician Fifth Grade 31142992 U.S. Army Connecticut
Cummings Edward J. Private First Class 32758801 U.S. Army New Jersey
Cummings John B. Private 36275466 U.S. Army Wisconsin
Cummings Paul C. Private First Class 33191714 U.S. Army Maryland
Cunningham James E. Technician Fourth Grade 36407277 U.S. Army Michigan
Cunningham Quentin R. Technician Fifth Grade 35133978 U.S. Army West Virginia
Cunningham Walter R. Private 33587218 U.S. Army Pennsylvania
Curran Jerome F. Private First Class 12171421 U.S. Army Connecticut
Curtin Clarence C. Technician Fifth Grade 6860624 U.S. Army Nebraska
Czajka Aloysius J. Private 36978474 U.S. Army Illinois
Czapp William C. Private 12008920 U.S. Army New Jersey
D'Amelio Peter   Private 32633500 U.S. Army New York
D'Luhosch John J. Private First Class 12226736 U.S. Army New York
Dagiel Theodore P. Private 36771526 U.S. Army Illinois
Dahl Eugene E. Private 39477689 U.S. Army Washington
Dahl Le Roy W. Private 37304545 U.S. Army Air Forces Minnesota
Dailey Donald C. Private 42092117 U.S. Army New York
Dailey Donald L. Private 6580609 U.S. Army Nebraska
Dailey Theodore R. Staff Sergeant 20955556 U.S. Army Alaska
Daley Charles A. Private 33622438 U.S. Army Pennsylvania
Daley William J. Lieutenant Colonel O-885103 U.S. Army Air Forces Texas
Dalidowicz Joseph J. Private First Class 32905205 U.S. Army New York
Dallas George B. Private First Class 33927732 U.S. Army Pennsylvania
Dalton Gerald M. Second Lieutenant O-675562 U.S. Army Air Forces New York
Dalton Joseph S. Private 33543076 U.S. Army Virginia
Damaschke Arthur E. Private 36958153 U.S. Army Wisconsin
Dammann Alfred L. Private 36979425 U.S. Army Illinois
Dandridge Roamy E. Master Sergeant 6493702 U.S. Army Texas
Danielak Chester J. Private First Class 36205248 U.S. Army Wisconsin
Daniels Richard H. First Lieutenant O-814657 U.S. Army Air Forces New York
Danish Marcellus D. Second Lieutenant O-755889 U.S. Army Air Forces Texas
Danner Edward G. Second Lieutenant O1057400 U.S. Army Pennsylvania
Dantzler John W. Sergeant 36320313 U.S. Army Illinois
Darkow Herman O. Private 37327451 U.S. Army Minnesota
Darley Edward B. Private 36545154 U.S. Army Michigan
Darnell Robert M. Technical Sergeant 37136726 U.S. Army Missouri
Darrow Charles H. Private First Class 36685216 U.S. Army Illinois
Darrow Nelson E. Private 31280201 U.S. Army Connecticut
Darzbach Vincent E. Second Lieutenant O1014516 U.S. Army Pennsylvania
Dattola Louis R. Second Lieutenant O-556044 U.S. Army Pennsylvania
Daughtrey Ashburn J. First Lieutenant O1296335 U.S. Army Virginia
Daugirda Matthew A. Sergeant 36642430 U.S. Army Illinois
Davenport Lloyd E. Private 35810906 U.S. Army Kentucky
Davey Charles R. Technical Sergeant 31043589 U.S. Army Connecticut
Davey Thomas J. Technical Sergeant 32623499 U.S. Army New York
David William C. Private First Class 32742151 U.S. Army New York
Davidovich Andrew J. Private 33696177 U.S. Army Pennsylvania
Davidson Hubert W. Staff Sergeant 37677201 U.S. Army Iowa
Davis Andy   Private First Class 38018987 U.S. Army Oklahoma
Davis Benjamin C. Technician Fifth Grade 32934660 U.S. Army New York
Davis Benjamin H. Private First Class 35141228 U.S. Army Indiana
Davis Dale A. Staff Sergeant 19063626 U.S. Army Air Forces Nebraska
Davis Donald G. Private 35228683 U.S. Army Ohio
Davis Elisha   Private 38285330 U.S. Army Texas
Davis H. B. Private 34566930 U.S. Army Georgia
Davis Harold C. Private First Class 20925658 U.S. Army Utah
Davis James R. Private 34187164 U.S. Army Tennessee
Davis John W. Corporal 34209437 U.S. Army Florida
Davis Louis A. Staff Sergeant 33194945 U.S. Army District of Columbia
Davis Marcus M. Technical Sergeant 32356187 U.S. Army Air Forces New York
Davis Melvin F. Private 32778946 U.S. Army New Jersey
Davis Merwin A. Private 20743156 U.S. Army Iowa
Davis Norman   Private First Class 35482922 U.S. Army Illinois
Davis Oneal E. Private First Class 37066146 U.S. Army Arkansas
Davis Raymond K. First Lieutenant O-763098 U.S. Army Air Forces Alabama
Davis Raymond   Private 34901144 U.S. Army Tennessee
Davis Woodrow W. Technician Fifth Grade 38175867 U.S. Army Arkansas
Davis Zedd   Private 42019811 U.S. Army New Jersey
Dawkins Thomas C. Private First Class 33736031 U.S. Army Maryland
Dawnkaski Casimer J. Private 42111115 U.S. Army New York
Dawson Leland F. Private First Class 38432479 U.S. Army Texas
Dawson Lester E. Private First Class 33431540 U.S. Army Pennsylvania
Day Emile F. Technician Fifth Grade 33004850 U.S. Army District of Columbia
Day Joseph C. First Sergeant 6662403 U.S. Army Ohio
De Beney Richard   Private 36755618 U.S. Army Illinois
De Bevoise William E. Sergeant 12201525 U.S. Army New York
De Filio Stephen R. Private 31455907 U.S. Army Connecticut
De Fiore John   Technician Fifth Grade 19097069 U.S. Army Washington
De Freest Earl T. Private First Class 36627700 U.S. Army Illinois
De Frehn William A. Sergeant 33617280 U.S. Army Pennsylvania
De Garmo Albert H. Private First Class 18131063 U.S. Army Oklahoma
De Garmo Donald L. Private First Class 35759227 U.S. Army Ohio
De Grange Johnie T. Corporal 33558999 U.S. Army Maryland
De Hart Clarence W. Sergeant 34596083 U.S. Army North Carolina
De Leon Victor   Private First Class 32529961 U.S. Army New York
De Martino Baldassar   Sergeant 32248211 U.S. Army New York
De Mayo Vincent F. First Lieutenant O-791291 U.S. Army Air Forces New York
De Meglio Jerry A. Private First Class 32822470 U.S. Army New York
De Meo Anthony J. Staff Sergeant 31210168 U.S. Army Massachusetts
De Moisy Charles F. Second Lieutenant O-767149 U.S. Army Air Forces Utah
De Mont Henry   Private First Class 42078658 U.S. Army New York
De Mots Mark E. Technician Fifth Grade 15107276 U.S. Army North Dakota
De Ninno Patsy   Private 32867417 U.S. Army New York
De Palma Michael G. Private First Class 32243106 U.S. Army New Jersey
De Puy Clyde A. First Lieutenant O-887751 U.S. Army Air Forces Ohio
De Riggi Phillip M. Private First Class 33457417 U.S. Army New Jersey
De Roche Francis D. Private First Class 31371283 U.S. Army Massachusetts
De Stefano Joseph A. Staff Sergeant 36709919 U.S. Army Illinois
De Vries John   Private 36901324 U.S. Army Michigan
Deatherage Robert W. Private First Class 39170908 U.S. Army California
Debo Ralph V. Private First Class 35273920 U.S. Army Ohio
Decoteau Aloysius   Private 37584306 U.S. Army North Dakota
Deeter Ansel C. Private First Class 35765905 U.S. Army Indiana
Degen Glenn C. Private First Class 32987286 U.S. Army New York
Delaney Harold T. Corporal 32284939 U.S. Army New York
Delano William E. Sergeant 42025208 U.S. Army Air Forces New York
Delasey Frank W. Sergeant 32919471 U.S. Army New Jersey
Delconte Frank J. Private 33601624 U.S. Army Pennsylvania
Dellinger Claude J. Corporal 14062931 U.S. Army North Carolina
Deluca Albert P. Private 32593396 U.S. Army New Jersey
Dembinski Chester S. Sergeant 36564761 U.S. Army Michigan
Demko Michael   Private 33705394 U.S. Army Pennsylvania
Dempsey Milton J. Private First Class 32959365 U.S. Army Delaware
Dempster Elwood   Private First Class 32946248 U.S. Army New York
Demsen Richard L. Sergeant 42254629 U.S. Army New York
Denbow Clifford E. Private 37644039 U.S. Army Missouri
Denham Wayne   Sergeant 20815054 U.S. Army Texas
Denison John M. Private 34980866 U.S. Army Florida
Denning Adrian I. Technical Sergeant 33044628 U.S. Army District of Columbia
Dennis Carl M. Private 38602762 U.S. Army Arkansas
Denti Victor E. Second Lieutenant O-758778 U.S. Army Air Forces California
Derda Harry J. Private First Class 36111299 U.S. Army Michigan
Deris Joseph E. Private First Class 32207374 U.S. Army Pennsylvania
Descamps Albert C. Technician Fifth Grade 36721461 U.S. Army Illinois
Detuno Robert D. Private 36670711 U.S. Army Illinois
Devine Edward A. Private 39142530 U.S. Army California
Devlin Daniel E. Private First Class 33050178 U.S. Army Pennsylvania
Di Bartolomeo Sebast   Private First Class 31428608 U.S. Army Massachusetts
Di Donato William J. Private First Class 33792454 U.S. Army Pennsylvania
Di Fonzo Alfonso W. Private First Class 31353170 U.S. Army Massachusetts
Di Giovanni Vincent   Private 33906642 U.S. Army Maryland
Di Pierro Dominic P. Private 35316401 U.S. Army Ohio
Di Pierro Edward   Private 15300336 U.S. Army Air Forces Ohio
Di Sabato Michael A. Private First Class 33800873 U.S. Army Pennsylvania
Dick Edward A. Private First Class 36877662 U.S. Army Michigan
Dick Homer H. Private 42096056 U.S. Army New York
Dickinson Robert L. Private First Class 33686743 U.S. Army Pennsylvania
Dicks Louis A. First Lieutenant O-814664 U.S. Army Air Forces Ohio
Didovich John M. Private 42144199 U.S. Army New Jersey
Diehl Elmer C. Corporal 33333829 U.S. Army Pennsylvania
Diens Harold W. Private 36685938 U.S. Army Illinois
Diercouff Jean M. First Lieutenant O-699991 U.S. Army Air Forces Illinois
Dierks Ernest G. Private 36902639 U.S. Army Illinois
Diers Martin C. Sergeant 37164276 U.S. Army Minnesota
Dietz Raymond G. Corporal 33234851 U.S. Army Pennsylvania
Digeronimo Michael A. Private First Class 31030507 U.S. Army Massachusetts
Dilernia Frank J. Private First Class 32873703 U.S. Army New York
Dill Carl F. Private 37511131 U.S. Army Kansas
Dill Eugene D. Corporal 37219102 U.S. Army Air Forces Kansas
Dillard James E. Private First Class 33658417 U.S. Army West Virginia
Diller Donald W. Private 36874252 U.S. Army Michigan
Diller Paul F. Private 33922835 U.S. Army Pennsylvania
Dillon David M. Private First Class 32950029 U.S. Army New Jersey
Dillon Ray   Corporal 33216961 U.S. Army Virginia
Dinda Bernard F. Staff Sergeant 35310893 U.S. Army Air Forces Ohio
Dindot John E. Private 35281620 U.S. Army Ohio
Dinges Herman E. Private 37735400 U.S. Army Nebraska
Dirks Henry V. Private First Class 37317175 U.S. Army Minnesota
Disanto Daniel A. Private First Class 32212421 U.S. Army New York
Diskant Edward R. Sergeant 42075016 U.S. Army New York
Dixon William L. Staff Sergeant 14000423 U.S. Army Florida
Dixson David C. Private First Class 38518759 U.S. Army Louisiana
Dobberstein Donald H. Technician Fifth Grade 37483134 U.S. Army Nebraska
Dobler Karl G. Private First Class 33930871 U.S. Army Pennsylvania
Dodd Charles H. Second Lieutenant O1317281 U.S. Army Wisconsin
Dodd Wilford L. Technician Fifth Grade 34515752 U.S. Army South Carolina
Dodge Bayard   Private First Class 32976907 U.S. Army New York
Doherty Robert H. First Lieutenant O1310418 U.S. Army New Jersey
Dolence Albin J. Technician Fifth Grade 35529870 U.S. Army Ohio
Dolin Cecil C. Private 35783575 U.S. Army West Virginia
Doll Ronald W. Corporal 32139132 U.S. Army Air Forces New York
Domack John   Private First Class 33246274 U.S. Army Pennsylvania
Dombroski Joe W. Technical Sergeant 35151964 U.S. Army Indiana
Dombrowski Robert P. Private First Class 36614484 U.S. Army Illinois
Domoratzky John   Private First Class 32508585 U.S. Army New York
Donaghue Michael F. Private First Class 31256350 U.S. Army Maine
Donaghy James F. Private 42066988 U.S. Army New York
Donaldson Lawrence F. Private 12032391 U.S. Army New York
Donaldson Leroy D. Staff Sergeant 33285909 U.S. Army Air Forces Pennsylvania
Donlay Paul C. Technician Fifth Grade 37221474 U.S. Army Kansas
Donohue Delbert E. Private 33189155 U.S. Army District of Columbia
Donovan Francis X. Private First Class 35395918 U.S. Army West Virginia
Donovan John J. Technician Fifth Grade 31049211 U.S. Army Connecticut
Donovan William   Sergeant 32391073 U.S. Army New Jersey
Dooley Thomas   Private 32538513 U.S. Army Air Forces New York
Dorais Bernard G. Private First Class 36874288 U.S. Army Michigan
Dorgan Francis X. Sergeant 36289092 U.S. Army Wisconsin
Dority Eugene W. Staff Sergeant 20910320 U.S. Army California
Dorsch Harold J. Private 36978039 U.S. Army Michigan
Doss Thurman A. Private First Class 34863169 U.S. Army North Carolina
Dotson Roy   Private 33821574 U.S. Army Virginia
Doty Charles E. Captain O-402498 U.S. Army Ohio
Dougan Lawrence C. Private First Class 19133124 U.S. Army California
Dougherty Earl C. Sergeant 37418652 U.S. Army Iowa
Dougherty Harry D. Private First Class 37581003 U.S. Army North Dakota
Douglas John I. Private First Class 39299432 U.S. Army California
Douglass Richard R. Sergeant 14166807 U.S. Army Air Forces Tennessee
Dovedytis Frank C. Corporal 33349921 U.S. Army Pennsylvania
Dover William E. Private First Class 37722546 U.S. Army Kansas
Dowden Frank N. Private 39717103 U.S. Army Indiana
Dowling Joseph F. Technician Fifth Grade 37402777 U.S. Army Missouri
Downey John H. Private First Class 35925864 U.S. Army Ohio
Doyle Donald F. Sergeant 36981876 U.S. Army Wisconsin
Doyle George C. Private First Class 12206362 U.S. Army New Jersey
Doyle John W. Technician Fifth Grade 37672632 U.S. Army Iowa
Drabnis Edward P. Private First Class 33617279 U.S. Army Pennsylvania
Draeger Victor O. Private First Class 36812057 U.S. Army Wisconsin
Dragoon Max   Technical Sergeant 32001008 U.S. Army New York
Drake Henry E. Technician Fourth Grade 38105053 U.S. Army Texas
Drapalik Jaromir   Sergeant 32716802 U.S. Army New York
Draper Howard L. Staff Sergeant 39238853 U.S. Army Air Forces California
Drenner Jesse E. Private First Class 36005568 U.S. Army Illinois
Drenth Richard L. Staff Sergeant 36453867 U.S. Army Michigan
Dreusike Robert F. Sergeant 32526957 U.S. Army New York
Driggs Orval O. Sergeant 38038669 U.S. Army Texas
Droney John   Private First Class 34976545 U.S. Army Florida
Drousjack Michael   Private First Class 33482961 U.S. Army Pennsylvania
Druyos James   Private 33640234 U.S. Army Virginia
Dryer Henry E. Staff Sergeant 37515482 U.S. Army Missouri
Du Bois Melvin E. Private 42080479 U.S. Army New Jersey
Dubben Frederick A. H. Corporal 38272128 U.S. Army Oklahoma
Dube Joseph L. P. Technical Sergeant 11040100 U.S. Army Air Forces New Hampshire
Duboski Heif J. Staff Sergeant 36246948 U.S. Army Wisconsin
Duchen Morris   Technical Sergeant 35694004 U.S. Army Air Forces Kentucky
Duchesne George L. Private First Class 32855554 U.S. Army New York
Dudek Robert J. First Lieutenant O-697259 U.S. Army Air Forces Ohio
Dudley George E. Sergeant 37282981 U.S. Army South Dakota
Duffy Edward F. Private 36688109 U.S. Army Illinois
Duffy John D. First Lieutenant O1323111 U.S. Army Illinois
Duffy Joseph F. Private 32798788 U.S. Army New York
Duffy Martin J. Private First Class 35099735 U.S. Army Indiana
Duffy Thomas F. Staff Sergeant 11119994 U.S. Army Connecticut
Dufrene Silas J. Private 38656044 U.S. Army Louisiana
Dugan Clifford V. Private First Class 35615448 U.S. Army Ohio
Dugan Joseph J. Private 33781736 U.S. Army Pennsylvania
Duggan Jess W. Corporal 38325421 U.S. Army Oklahoma
Duggan Sam H. Sergeant 20432255 U.S. Army Louisiana
Duich John   Private 35911783 U.S. Army Ohio
Dulong Joseph D. Private 31466814 U.S. Army Massachusetts
Dumas Willie L. Private First Class 34793729 U.S. Army Florida
Duncan Jack N. Captain O-444314 U.S. Army Illinois
Dunn Basil C. Private First Class 38468201 U.S. Army Oklahoma
Dunn Charles E. Private 14001770 U.S. Army Mississippi
Dunn Donald D. Private First Class 15112269 U.S. Army West Virginia
Dunster Louis O. Private First Class 42017682 U.S. Army New Jersey
Duplisis Joseph N. Technician Fifth Grade 31013518 U.S. Army New Hampshire
Dupuis Howard J. E. Private 20459845 U.S. Army Louisiana
Durand Howard R. Private 33796411 U.S. Army Pennsylvania
Durans Philip T. Private First Class 32818199 U.S. Army New York
Durbin Donald C. Private First Class 35228522 U.S. Army Ohio
Durda John   Private First Class 32663911 U.S. Army New York
Durden Roger F. Private 14128978 U.S. Army Georgia
Durham Clyde L. Private 35674635 U.S. Army Ohio
Durian Harold D. Private 37696928 U.S. Army Iowa
Dusina Amos   Private First Class 35637246 U.S. Army Kentucky
Dutton Robert S. Private 33657452 U.S. Army Virginia
Duvall Plynn K. Technician Fifth Grade 39338488 U.S. Army Oregon
Dwyer Francis T. Private First Class 38555032 U.S. Army Texas
Dwyer Thomas J. Corporal 32194057 U.S. Army New York
Dyer James E. Private 34360586 U.S. Army Tennessee
Dyer Juan J. First Lieutenant O-679060 U.S. Army Air Forces Kansas
Dygert Claire R. Private 37584288 U.S. Army Minnesota
Dzickowski Edward J. Private 36587830 U.S. Army Michigan
Dzieciolowski Joe J. Private First Class 32782094 U.S. Army New York
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