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I take care of photoLe American cemetery at Colleville-sur-Mer is located in the town of Colleville-sur-Mer in Calvados, one of the sites Allied landings on 6 June 1944.

Officially opened in 1956 with its memorial, the cemetery honors American soldiers who died during the Battle of Normandy during World War II.

This 70-hectare cemetery is located on the heights overlooking Omaha Beach, one of the landing beaches of Normandy.


The cemetery has replaced a first temporary cemetery on Omaha Beach at a place called the Ruquet June 7, 1944 in Saint-Laurent and established close on 10 June 1944.

It was designed by Harbeson, Hough, Livingston & Larson and space has been arranged by the landscape architect Markley Stevenson has resulted in any angle, you see a row of crosses.

cimetière de St James
cimetière de St James


In the cemetery are buried the bodies of 9,387 people, including 307 unknown and four women. In all there are 9383 soldiers and four civilians.


These are mainly people died on D-Day or in the following weeks in Normandy, mainly in combat. 14,000 remains, first interred in Normandy, were repatriated to the United States, at the request of their families.


Near the memorial monument in the "garden of the dead" are the names of 1,557 fallen soldiers.

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