The Association « Mémoire & Database » was born in June 2014, based on an existing idea in the Netherlands : a database of American soldiers buried in the Cemetery of Margraten.

The initial objective was to create a database of all American soldiers based in the two cemeteries of Normandy : Saint-James and Colleville-sur-Mer 13 795 soldiers ; to give a face, to tell the story of all these heroes so as never to forget their memory, to allow the families of these men and women to rediscover their paths, to historians, to future generations to discover them, to know who these soldiers came to die so far from their homeland for the freedom of Europe. In addition to the continued enrichment of the site on a daily basis, the idea was born in 2016 to publish a first volume containing the stories of these soldiers.

This book containing the history of 43 fighters from the two cemeteries is published for the 75th anniversary of the Normandy landings in June 2019.

The first volume is published in 350 copies.

The duty of memory is at the heart of the action of the members of the association who work daily by their passion to get out of forgetting these heroes.

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