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Hello and thank you for participating in these searches on these men who sacrificed their lives for our freedom.

You'll find under links and tips for your searches.

He is better to start by the website of ABMC to find the military id of the soldier .

In this website it's better to search a soldier by is military id to avoid the homonymous soldiers..

On this one you can find sometimes pictures and information on the soldier.

In case of homonymous , you should put the decease date to have a better filter. You could find on this one the grave in Colleville and  on the memorial in the Usa

You should put on this one the middle name letter to avoid homonymous soldiers, and it's better to add the state of birth , wich you should have found on Find the Grave or Nara website

My first search is in general with the full name and te rank of the soldier for example : SSGT ARTHUR LLOYD
After i put the name and the word ww2 to refine the search : ARTHUR LLOYD WW2
And to finish i have a look on the pictures proposed bye the search engine.
If you want to find the exact location of the soldiers death , you can also have a look on his unit story.

This is my method and you can contact the webmaster if you want more precision or information.

By Clive


AAD records
Mormons records
Air Force Historical Research Agency

Don't forgot to put all the plane informations(Serial number, Type) , the soldier name and also your postal address ti receive a copy of the military file.

Family Search
Find a grave
Ancestry Paying website but good informations
Association du Mémorial Américainde St Nazaire
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