REED Ollie W Jr

reed ollie jr
AGE25 yo
DATE OF BIRTH15 january 1919 Manchester Hartford County, CONNECTICUT
Son : Ollie W REED III
Parent: Ollie W & Mildred Marie REED
RANK1st Lieutenant
FONCTIONplatoon commander
DATE of ENLISTEMENT1933 Cadet in WestPoint
REGIMENT363rd Infantry Regiment
DIVISION91st Infantry Division
"Powder River"
DATE OF DEATH6 july 1944 devay cyril tombe
PLACE OF DEATHLajatico, Province of Pisa Tuscany Region of Italy
DATA PLANreed ollie jr carte
Battle Plan Region of Tuscany

Map Normandy American Cemetery

Air Medal
  div 91363ri

At 1 year, Ollie W Jr was in Germany because his father military career was based over there as an occupying force

His first steps, he made them on the deck of a boat The Buford. This ship brought him in Antwerp Belgium.

reed ollie w 2

Ollie W Jr and Mother Mildred

In 1933 while his father Ollie REED W is assigned to the Wentworth Military Academy in Lexington Missouri.

Ollie Jr becomes younger during the same period

His father, who had refused to enter WestPoint to stay with his future wife. He dreamed that his son entered the academy WestPoint.

reed ollie jr westpoint

Ollie Jr was accepted at WestPoint.

It was the dream of his father and for him it was his ambition.

Within the academy Ollie Jr participated in many swimming failure soccer activities .......

reed ollie jr 2

reed ollie jr couple

In 1942 he graduated later he married Laura SLOMAN.

In January 1944, he became dad, he savored shortly paternity

In April 1944 his regiment took the road to North Africa, later he passed through Sicily.

Ollie W Jr was at the top of a small hill in the mountains southwest of Chianni Italy, his company some time rather took that hill. The enemy made an intense artillery barrage, while the artillery barrage, Ollie Jr tries to put these men under cover. It was at that time that he was struck by a shell.

Ollie Jr. and several of his men were victims of this attack.


He was a young man of 25 laughing devoted to his studious younger family who had heart to serve his country.

reed ollie jr 3

His mother Mildred learned of the death of her husband and son on the same day with a few hours difference.

Mildred lived with her small son and daughter-in when she learned the sad news.

W Ollie Reed Jr. leaves behind a son Ollie W REED III.

The 91st Infantry Division was reactivated at Camp White OREGON August 15, 1942.

The first convoy arrived off Mers El Kebir April 18, 1944.

The second convoy arrives him April 30, 1944.

The landing in Italy begins June 15, 1944.

On 4 July 1944 the 363rd Infantry Regiment was attached to the 34th Infantry Division.

The regiment has its baptism of fire near riparabello was mountainous terrain.

July 6, 1944 the 363rd Infantry Regiment took Mount Vaso and take good face strong against attacks despite all the 363 rd infantry regiment loose this position.

He resumes the July 9, 1944 and he will never leave

The growth continued to the west of Chianni. The opposition is weakening but progress is slow because of supply problems

reed ollie w 4

Lieutenant Ollie REED W Jr is buried in the American cemetery at Colleville beside his father Colonel Ollie Reed W at the request of the family

Monument in memory of the men of
363rd Infantry Regiment of the 91st Infantry Division in Scarperia Italy

reed ollie jr monument
reed ollie jr monument 1 reed ollie jr monument 2

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