August M  OLSEN Jr


olsen august m 1
AGE22 yo
JOB before ENLISTEMENTSemiskilled machine shop and related occupationsINDIANA
DATE of ENLISTEMENT14 january 1941
SQUADRON839th Bomber Squadron
GROUP487th Bomber Group, Heavy
ARMY8th Air Force
DATE OF DEATH7 june 1944 olsen august m tombe1

Bruz "La Rabine" , ILLE-ET-VILAINE

10 Km of Rennes


B-24 H-15-FO    # 42-52624   Codé M-5R/  Carré P

"Box Car"  


Macr 5483

Mission : Angers, Maine-et-Loire ( 49 )

Takeoff : Station 137 LAVENHAM, Suffolk

Circonstance : The plane received a direct hit from the flak at 19:53 

Aircraft partially evacuated in flight before crashing, exploding and burning.

Crash observed by Lt Robert T HALL, Richard J. L'Ecuyer & Edward J. GIBBENS.


Map Brittany American Cemetery

Air MedalPhoto FDLM
Purple HeartPhoto FDLM
 usaf 8AIRFORCE487bg487bg
Memorial to the crew of the B24 "Box Car" in Bruz
42 52624 moument 1 42 52624 monument

Crew of B-24 Liberator - type H-15-FO - s/n 42-52624 R5*M Carré-P

"Box Car"

2nd Lieutenant Floyd SCHWAB Pilot Prisoner - O-750864 - 1918 - Madison, WISCONSIN - at the Rennes Hospital
2nd Lieutenant Norman C VAN KIRK CoPilote Dead - Cim Brit Am St-James

1922 - Greenwitch, NEW YORK

Severely burned

Died at the Rennes Hospital

2nd Lieutenant Louis SWIRIDOW Navigateur Dead - O-697935 - 1920 - Coraopolis, PENNSYLVANIA
2nd Lieutenant Cecil J SMITH 
Bombardier Dead - Cim Brit Am St-James 1921 to Nemaha, IOWA
T/Sergeant August M Jr OLSEN Radio Dead - Cim Brit Am St-James

1922 - Hammond, INDIANA

Severely burned

Died at the Rennes Hospital

T/Sergeant Billy Dean GROSS Mechanic Prisoner - 35598080 - 1924 - Coshocton, OHIO - at the Rennes Hospital : Minor injuries
S/Sergeant Robert K MARXMILLER Gunner Dead - Cim Brit Am St-James (50) - M.1.21 * 1922 - Santa Barbara, CALIFORNIA
S/Sergeant Melvin SIEGEL Gunner Prisoner

1923 - Brooklyn, NEW YORK -

at the Rennes Hospital

Sergeant Seymour Jr COE Gunner Dead - Restland Mem Park, East Hanover, Morris Co, NEW JERSEY 1922 - New Jersey - 
S/Sergeant Clarence Edward WALKER Gunner Dead - Cim Brit Am St-James (50) - C.15.14

1923 à Nartland, MAINE

Severely burned

Died at the Rennes Hospital

42 52624 team

Crew of the B24 "Box Car"

Back row left to right: Cecil J. Smith (bombardier), Howard F. Seaborn (navigator), Norman C. Van Kirk (copilot), Floyd Schwab (pilot)

Front row left to right: Billy D. Gross (flight engineer), Melvin Siegel (tail gunner), August M. Olsen (radio operator), Clarence E. Walker (waist gunner), Robert K. Marxmiller (ball turret gunner)

42 52624 b24

Location of crew members

B 24 Liberator




D-Day - Order of battle

U.S. Strategic Air Force: Lieutenant General  Carl SPAATZ

8th Air Force: Lieutenant General James H. DOOLITTLE

1st Bombardment Division: Major General R. B. Williams
1st Bombardment Wing: Brigadier General William M. Gross
91st Bombardment Group (Bassingbourn airfield): Colonel Henry W. Terry
381st Bombardment Group (Ridgewell airfield): Colonel Harry P. Leber, Jr
398th Bombardment Group (Nuthampstead airfield): Colonel Frank P. Hunter, Jr
40th Bombardment Wing: Brigadier General Howard M. Turner
92nd Bombardment Group (Podington airfield): Colonel William M. Reid
305th Bombardment Group (Chelveston airfield): Colonel Ernest H. Lawson
306th Bombardment Group (Thurleigh airfield): Colonel George L. Robinson
41st Bombardment Wing: Brigadier General Robert F. Travis
303rd Bombardment Group (Molesworth airfield): Colonel Kermit D. Stevens
379th Bombardment Group (Kimbolton airfield): Colonel Maurice A. Preston
384th Bombardment Group (Grafton Underwood airfield): Colonel Dale O. Smith
94th Bombardment Wing: Brigadier General Julius K. Lacey
351st Bombardment Group (Polebrook airfield): Colonel Eugene A. Romig
401st Bombardment Group (Deenethorpe airfield): Colonel Harold W. Bowman
457th Bombardment Group (Glatton airfield): Colonel James R. Luper


2nd Bombardment Division: Major General J. P. Hodges
2nd Bombardment Wing (Hethel airfield): Brigadier General Edward J. Timberlake
389th Bombardment Group (Hethel airfield): Colonel Robert B. Miller
445th Bombardment Group (Tibenham airfield): Colonel Robert H. Terrill
453rd Bombardment Group (Old Buckenham airfield): Colonel Ramsay D. Potts, Jr
14th Bombardment Wing (Shipdham airfield): Brigadier General Leon W. Johnson
44th Bombardment Group (Shipdham airfield): Colonel John H. Gibson
392nd Bombardment Group (Wendling airfield): Colonel Irvine A. Rendle
492nd Bombardment Group (North Pickenham airfield): Colonel Eugene H. Snavely
20th Bombardment Wing (Hardwick airfield): Colonel Jack W. Wook
93rd Bombardment Group (Hardwick airfield): Colonel Leland G. Fiegel
446th Bombardment Group (Bungay airfield): Colonel Jacob J. Brogger
448th Bombardment Group (Seething airfield): Colonel Gerry L. Mason
95th Bombardment Wing (Halesworth airfield): Colonel Frederick R. Dent, Jr
489th Bombardment Group (Halesworth airfield): Colonel Ezekiel W. Napier
491st Bombardment Group (Metfield airfield): Lt. Colonel Carl T. Goldenburg
96th Bombardment Wing (Horsham St. Faith airfield): Brigadier General Walter R. Peck
458th Bombardment Group (Horsham St. Faith airfield): Colonel James H. Isbell
466th Bombardment Group (Attlebridge airfield): Colonel Arthur Pierce
467th Bombardment Group (Rackhealth airfield): Lt. Colonel Albert H. Shower


3rd Bombardment Division: Major General C. E. Le-May
4th Bombardment Wing: Brigadier General Frederick W. Castle
94th Bombardment Group (Bury St. Edmunds airfield): Colonel Charles B. Dougher
385th Bombardment Group (Great Ashfield airfield): Colonel Elliot Vandevanter
447th Bombardment Group (Rattlesden airfield): Colonel Hunter Harris, Jr
13th Bombardment Wing: Brigadier General Colonel Edgar M. Wittan
95th Bombardment Group (Horham airfield): Colonel Karl Truesdell
100th Bombardment Group (Thorpe Abbotts airfield): Colonel thomas S. Jeffrey
390th Bombardment Group (Framlingham airfield): Colonel Frederick W. Ott
45th Bombardment Wing: Brigadier General Archie J. Old Jr
96th Bombardment Group (Snetterton Heath airfield): Colonel James L. Travis
388th Bombardment Group (Knettishall airfield): Colonel William B. David
452nd Bombardment Group (Deopham Green airfield): Colonel Thetus C. Odom
92nd Bombardment Wing: Colonel Harold Q. Huglin
486th Bombardment Group (Sudbury airfield): Colonel Glendon P. Overing
487th Bombardment Group (Lavenham airfield): Colonel Robert Taylor III
93rd Bombardment Wing: Brigadier General John K. Gerhart
34th Bombardment Group (Mendlesham airfield): Lt. Colonel Ernest F. Wackwitz, Jr
490th Bombardment Group (Eye airfield): Colonel Lloyd H. Watnee
493rd Bombardment Group (Debach airfield): Colonel Elbert Helton


VIII Fighter Command: Major General W. E. Kepner
65th Fighter Wing (Saffron Walden airfield): Brigadier General Jesse Auton
4th Fighter Group (Debden airfield): Colonel Donald M. Blakeslee
56th Fighter Group (Boxted airfield): Colonel Hubert A. Zemke
355th Fighter Group (Steeple Morden airfield): Colonel William J. Cummings, Jr
356th Fighter Group (Martlesham airfield): Lt. Colonel Philip E. Tukey, Jr
479th Fighter Group (Wattisham airfield): Lt. Colonel Kyle L. Riddle
66th Fighter Wing (Sawston airfield): Brigadier General Murray C. Woodbury
55th Fighter Group (Wormingford airfield): Colonel George T. Crowell
78th Fighter Group (Duxford airfield): Colonel Frederick C. Gray, Jr
339th Fighter Group (Fowlmere airfield): Colonel Hohn B. Henry Jr
353rd Fighter Group (Raydon airfield): Colonel Glenn E. Duncan
357th Fighter Group (Leiston airfield): Colonel Donald W. Graham
67th Fighter Wing (Walcot Hall): Brigadier General Edward W. Anderson
20th Fighter Group (Kings Cliffe airfield): Lt. Colonel Harold Rau
352nd Fighter Group (Bodney airfield): Colonel Joe L. Mason
359th Fighter Group (East Wretham airfield): Colonel Avelin P. Tacon, Jr
361st Fighter Group (Bottisham airfield): Colonel Thomas J. J. Christian, Jr
364th Fighter Group (Honington airfield): Colonel Roy W. Osborn


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